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this will be my second year on the waiting list for the ADN program at grossmont college... when i submitted my application, the school TOLD me it'd be two years, but everyone i talked to said it... Read More

  1. by   katilynn
    Thanks!! Letters are being sent out after may 2nd. So i should know by the second week of may if i start in the fall 0f 2007, or not.

    I've heard rumors that 120 people took the test for 70 spots. There was about 35 in my test group. So we shall see.
  2. by   puresass
    i passed too! yayyy!!

    there were probably about 30-35 people testing with me too, but i'm hoping that at least some of them were there for the LVN-RN program.

    hopefully we'll see each other in the fall 07 program, katilynn!!
  3. by   katilynn
    I only recognized one person from my testing group. She was in my group for micro lab. I can't remember her real name because I called her "mom" in class. Really nice lady. She got on the list a semester before us. She was going for the night and weekend program. It donned on me today that the people on that list are a semester behind. Since there was no new class this spring.

    The LVN-RN students had to take the test too? So, ideally its 100 spots total with about 20 alternates? That makes me hopeful. I am starting my dental in two weeks and i have my last hep. shot in June.

    Bonny619- how does the malpractice insurance work? monthly payments or a lump sum? how much do books usually cost each semester? Do you ever have classes during the summer?
  4. by   puresass
    i only recognized three people in my testing group & they were all from my A&P classes with mr. lowe... i can't remember names either! two years is a looong time!

    i can guarantee at least a few people failed that test... i'm not trying to be mean, but a woman in my testing group didn't understand how to take the test itself, so that makes me think that she probably had a difficult time passing. soooo, maybe even less than 120 people for those 100 spots?
  5. by   katilynn
    i got my acceptance letter. I'm in the night and weekend program!!!!!!!
  6. by   puresass
  7. by   puresass
    i just found out that i was accepted to the fall 07 daytime program!!!
  8. by   katilynn

    Did you get your invitation today??

    I just did my drug and background test today; I went to the nursing office and turn in all the paperwork, also. I'm so excited!!
  9. by   Bonny619
    Good luck everyone! If you have any questions about anything, just message me!
  10. by   michelleicu
    what are you students doing in the mean time to survive financially?
  11. by   katilynn
    I'm married and i wait tables part time.
  12. by   puresass
    i work full time right now in sharp's admin offices, but once school starts i'm going to try to transfer elsewhere in the company & take a part time or per diem position & take out loans to help cover some of my living expenses.
  13. by   sdmommie
    Quote from katilynn
    i got my acceptance letter. I'm in the night and weekend program!!!!!!!

    I'm SO glad that the Night/Weekend program is back at Grossmont.

    Congrats to you all on getting in! You are my inspiration...