Going to take the NCLEX-RN

  1. Im going to be taking the NCLEX at the end of June. I work to support myself but I have been studying at least 100 questions a day and reviewing each question after taking the test. I mostly studied from the Saunders book/CD and taking the online course with NCSBN and their questions are pretty similar. I would score between 70-75 % out of a hundred so far, but trying hard to score higher, and that scares me. I mostly have trouble with medication questions.

    My question is how do you know if your ready to take the test? At what point can you feel that you studied all you can and know your ready to take the exam. Im afraid I may freeze up and forget everything....Yicks! Anyone have advice? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Statics show that the sooner you take the boards after graduation the better chance of passing.

    Also, some of the finest nurses i have had the priviledge to work with had to take them again.
  4. by   jdeleon_rn
    I took the NCLEX in San Jose last May 13th (lucky day)....best chances of passing is taking it after you graduate cuz everything is still fresh in your head. This is the third board exam I have taken ( 3 different countries) and it still hard to know when you are ready. I am sure you have taken many test in the course of your schooling and this should not be difficult for you ( although the test can be difficult). I used NCLEX RN made incredibly easy as a reviewer. Of all the reviewers i've had, this is highly recommended...and finally, practice....practice...practice....answering questions!!! GOODLUCK!