going crazy

  1. Hello you guys.. i just took my exam today (april 24) and i cant seem to calm down thinking about how i did. Im just going crazy. I think i Cant even sleep tonight. my exam stopped at 84 or 85... yah i know.. i can't even determine the exact number it stopped funny right? all i know is when i passed the 75th question what came up to my mind was just try your best to answer. Help... what do you guys think?

    thank you allnurses for at least letting me vent out.. its helping a lot...cause the waiting is just driving me crazy and i know its gonna be a long 48 hour wait...this i just all lift up to God now.

    Godbless to all...
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    lukin 4 one after d exam


  3. by   carolinagirlRN
    That's how I feel too. It's all in God's hands now. I took mine yesterday too and it stoped at 75. Hoping for the best for me and you...Good Luck!!!
  4. by   imstrip
    im sure you did well carolinagirl... Godbless to you...

    its been 48hrs since i took the exam and i cant seem to find my name on the list yet... i have a very bad feeling about it...

  5. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, guys! Let us know how it turns out.
  6. by   carolinagirlRN

    where did u take the nclex and how many ?s did you have? Good luck to you I'm sure we both passed...YEAH
  7. by   suzanne4
    California does not paricipate in Quick Results from Pearson-Vue. Also the earliest that we have seen a name posted on the CA BRN website is three days. And that is the earliest. Average time is ten days.

    But next question for you since your location states PI, even though you are in the US now; do you actually have a SSN#? If not, you will have to wait to get a letter from the BRN.
  8. by   imstrip
    thank you carolinagirl i admire you for being so positive.. thank you for it gives me encouragement too... i had my exam in pasadena.. you?

    hi suzanne.. yes, i have a ssn#.. im sorry for making it confusing.. i just wanted to put that i was from the PI.. but i actuali had been here in CA for some time.. and thank you again..

    i appreciate it a lot, to everyone.
  9. by   carolinagirlRN
    ur welcome imstrip. i've found that's the only way to get thru it, otherwise we would all go crazy. I found out I passed last night after midnight on my BON website. so keep your head up and believe in urself and you're results will come soon...take care.
  10. by   imstrip
    im happy for you... congratulations carolinagirl.... Godbless with your future endeavors...