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Hi all, I was interested in applying to the Fresno State BSN program for spring 2010 but am unsure if my GPA makes the cut. I don't want to blow the extra $50-60 on a school I wouldn't get in to... Read More

  1. by   pandar
    Quote from elacer08
    hey pandar do you mind sharing your stats like science gpa overall and teas?
    ok now im pretty sure i didnt get into the nursing program because my gpa is 3.46 and im still taking anat and micro this sem and then physio next sem. and i havent taken guessing they're just admitting me to take physio at their school. =( and then expect me to apply for the actual nursing program in the spring
  2. by   JoyfulRN14
    "Pre-nursing" is just what your major is considered BEFORE you get into the program. Basically, you have to declare some sort of major, and if you haven't got into the program yet, it's Pre-nursing. That's what you're considered while you're taking your pre-reqs and GE.
  3. by   ladynurse87
    hey i was just wondering how the application process work. Is there a application fee? when do we send them our transcript if we took some pre-q at community college?
  4. by   JoyfulRN14
    Application for nursing program can be found here:
    I don't believe there was a fee to apply to the nursing program.

    You must also apply to the university if you don't go there already. It is $55 to apply. Application is here:

    The application for admission to the nursing program for Fall 2010 is available March 1-31 (RIGHT NOW). You don't have to finish your pre-reqs until June 15, 2010 to be able to start in the Fall.

    The pre-nursing advisor (basically the advisor you talk to BEFORE you get into the program) is *********.

    Oh and I'm not sure how sending out your transcripts works because I did my prereqs at Fresno State, but email her and she'd know.
  5. by   ladynurse87
    KSoares, you are the best!!

    by this semester if i get a a's for my last pre-q, i should have 3.73, already took the teas and got
    81%. i already giving up hope. I was told that this fall applicants is going to double, which mean
    there will be a lot of 4.0 student. *sight, might have to wait for another semester.
  6. by   TurtleLittle
    Fresno is based solely on the GPA. if you have a very good overall GPA, it would be okay. The Teas just a requirement, you only have to pass it. THey don't care about the score!

    But why do they make us wait until the very end to know the result!? 0.o What a school!
  7. by   superkool
    Hey Solidus, I was just wondering if you did end up applying to both Fresno State and San Francisco State? I just found out that I got accepted to both programs and I am not sure which one I should go to. I live in Fresno and it probably would be economically wiser for me to stay put (plus my Dad wants me to stay close to home) but I really want to leave... I tried to figure out which one is a better program overall but San Francisco doesn't have much info on their program. I probably could stay in Fresno but another years at home...Yikes!
  8. by   TurtleLittle
    to superkool: how come u heard from Fresno State so early? I guess they have different procedures for students who have done all the pre-reg n the rest.

    It's indeed not economical to live in SF with the high fee for living and rent. The traffic is crazy. It always takes me more than an hour for any movement. However, their programs let you to do clinical works in some of the good hospitals in the Bay Area (at least they are always crowded because SF is huge with tons of ppl). Eventually those hospitals really prefer the new graduates who happened to intern there before. They don't need to train you again if they had you once already. My ant went to SFSU, and it was easy for her to find job around this area with a good hour wage out of school. As you may know, Bay Area has the top paying rate in the nation for nursing. In this economy, we don't really want to ignore any advantages. As the same time, you will enjoy the experiences in a big city n its diversity. If you think you love crowded big city area, go for it. Or if you decide you still want to stay at Fresno, it's always good to be near family.

    I initially applied for SFSU, but I missed the deadline. I'm waiting for Fresno because I don't want to wait for another year. SFSU doesn't open for Spring!
  9. by   superkool
    I found out that I was accepted at Fresno by checking my application status. Just go to the following link and login using your application user name and password. then check your application status. Good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  10. by   jlwvip
    If anyone was accepted to Fresno State Fall 2010 did their acceptance letter say Pre-Nursing as major??? I am not sure I got into the program. HELP!! What did the acceptance letters say?
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  11. by   superkool
    I recieved two acceptance letters from CSU Fresno. One was just for regular addmitance and the other was from the nursing department. The letter said something like this: Congratulations! You have been selected for Fall 2010 entry into our Baccalaureate Nursing Program at California State University, Fresno...... I don't recall anything about a prenursing major. Have you checked online to see what your status is in the program. follow the link I sent in my prior post.
  12. by   superkool
    Hey Turtlelittle did you get in to fresno's BSN?? I am still trying to sort through the cost of living in San Francisco.
    Too bad we couldn't just switch our living arrangements because I live 3 miles from Fresno State. let me know if you are planning on going in the fall.
  13. by   elacer08
    hey superkool did you make it into sfsu?