Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Versant 2012

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else made it to the panel interview this week for the Versant Residency at Fountain Valley. I had mine on Friday and I have been analyzing everything I said in the interview since then - lol. Here's a sample of my thought process so far:

    **Friday morning (pre-interview): I can do this! I am awsome, strong, professional mature, and educated. Let's do this!

    **Friday afternoon (post interview): I did it! I was kind of awesome, fairly strong, mostly professional, still mature but I think I lost a few brain cells.. my odds are still pretty good.

    **Saturday: I still feel okay about the interview. I know there are some questions I could have answered better, but I was nervous. My odds are 50/50.

    **Sunday: I'm focused in on all the things I could have done better...can't remember if my posture was good (maybe)? Is it wrong to cross my legs? I had to have a cue card for the questions I wanted to ask. My odds are 60/40 (not in my favor)

    **Monday: OMG! I'm going nuts!! Now I have to answer to the nurse manager for Transitions (a non-paid residency in L&D - same hospital) and I have no idea which way the pendulum is going to swing on the Versant interview...Yikes. is it too soon to press for an answer (probably). ***Breathe** What if I lose out on both?? (My odds are 80/20)

    **Tuesday morning: I am going to die old an umemployed. My headstone will say "At least she passed the NCLEX" - lol

    Really though, I felt that it went well but 30 other applicants could do just as well.
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  3. by   jtrinidad86
    I just had mine this morning. They told me next week is when they will let people know because they are finishing interviews this week. Good luck!
  4. by   waytogoRN
    Hi jadedjane,

    I have my interview tomorrow. I was wondering what kind of questions do they ask at the panel interview? I'm really nervous. Is it clinical or personality type of questions? Any advice would be great. I know I'm messaging you last minute. I hope you can answer tonight.
  5. by   matthewandrew
    Has anyone heard anything? I just got a call yesterday about panel interviews.
  6. by   matthewandrew
    Has anyone received a call from the nurse recruiter yet about offers?