Everest College Ontario RN program

  1. Hello all,
    I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one because I didn't think anyone would look at those anymore. I've already completed all my prereqs at a community college, but I don't want to wait around forever to get into the community college rn program.

    Anyways, I wanted to find out for those who are already in the program or have the info. What kind of studying should I do for their entrance exam? What kind of stuff comes in the tests. I also would like to know the cost or estimated cost of the school. And how do they go about choosing the students for the program? What exactly is the application process?

    I've already called the school, but the lady that answered the phone wasn't able to give me much info except for that info sessions are in August and the program starts up again in January.

    And if you are already in the program, I would like to know how to do you find the teachers to be?? Would you say that this is a good academic choice??

    Please help me as I live really far away from this school and I am moving out there just for the program. It is a little difficult for me to just drive over to visit the school. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    i started the program in january of 2010. i like it so far i have had no problems. for the entrance exams i studied out of the entrance nursing exam books. they are not expecting the best test results just that you passed. after you pass the two entry exams you go to an interview. if they like you they pick you
  5. by   maurie
    How much is the program and what is their schedule like?
  6. by   Kenichi
    I'm considering enrolling at this campus for the ADN program even though I live quite far (around 40+ miles away). I guess attending at this campus is really the only option I have at the moment. I originally wanted to enroll at WCU but their 16-month RN program was discontinued not too long ago. I could go for the BSN but it's just too long for me. I don't think I can manage working (as an LVN hopefully soon) and going to school at the same time for 3 1/2 years.

    Anyway, I think you need to call if you really want a detailed information about the program because they won't give you much over the internet. I've tried the live chat but the operator didn't really give me the answers I wanted to know.
  7. by   Long.
    Hurray for more Everest students! I've tried getting in contact with a few on the board for information while I was going through the process and unfortunately, there are only a few Everest students on this board, and most of them come and go. I'm awaiting response on whether I get accepted or not (from a pool of 130 applicants) for the August start. If you have any questions feel free to ask away and I'll try my best to answer them. I was in your shoes for the past few months about wanting answers regarding this program so I know how it feels.. haha. Reach me by writing a visitors message since most of you guys are under 15+ posts to use the private message system. Best of luck to all you guys!
  8. by   Long.
    I'm gonna try my best to give you guys some insight with the common questions about this program since there's been quite a few threads all asking the same thing.

    Here attached is the Everest College information packet; the same packet you'll receive when you attend their orientation session:
    So in short, study and pass both entrance exams. Schedule an interview with the administrator and shine in your interview, have a promising answer to the essay portion of the process. Administrator and faculty will review the pool of applicants interview, GPA, essay, etc. and pick 60-80 students to go through financial aid. The first 40 students to complete the financial aid process will be allowed to registered for classes, so it's basically first come first serve like some have stated in the past. That's basically the process in cliffs... and to answer your question, emt_anderson, the tuition cost (I don't know the exact price) is at around $50,000. Cost varies and is lower when you have nursing prereqs completed and cleared by the school. As far as the education quality, I haven't heard a complaint from any of the current students that are on this board, and the few students I've ran into in person stated that although tough (given), they have no complaints about the program.
    Let me know if you have any more questions with anything, I log on everyday so your questions will be read.
  9. by   savedo75
    Hi Long. I hope you get a seat for August. FYI, I try to pull up the last image you posted and nothing was showing. Can you post a copy of the Associate Degree Nursing - Program Requirements? I actually have a 2008 copy that was was posted here on this site and I want to compare if more General Ed classes have been added. I'm going to the orientation in August at the Everest College Ontario Metro. But before I go, I have a few questions to ask:

    1) How was the Compass and PSB-RN test? Was it difficult?
    2) Can you hand in a High School Diploma instead of High School transcipts or it has to be both?
  10. by   Long.
    The link is working fine for me but sure thing. The general education classes goes as followed:
    General Education I
    BIOL 1085C - A&P I**
    SLS 1105 - Strategies for Success
    ENC 1101 - English Composition 1
    HUN 1001 - Nutrition** (Online)

    General Education I
    BIO 1086C - A&P II**
    CGS 2167C - Computer Applications
    MCB2010C - Microbiology**
    ** Prerequisite Course
    Quote from savedo75
    1) How was the Compass and PSB-RN test? Was it difficult?
    2) Can you hand in a High School Diploma instead of High School transcipts or it has to be both?
    1) Both were relatively easy if you do some studying.
    COMPASS, the easier of the two, could be reviewed and prepared for by looking on testpreppreview.com.
    PSB-RN - I studied the McGraw Nursing Entrance Exam guide a couple days prior and passed all sections. The science portion is most vital as I believe most students fail to pass this portion of the exam.
    2) They gave us the option of getting our official high school diploma or transcripts to them, so yes, high school diploma is fine.

    Hope this helped!
  11. by   savedo75
    Yes. That helps alot. Thank you for responding right away! Also, I was able to open the link. The class requirements are the same as my 2008 copy.

    Good Luck Long! I hope you get in for the August start.
  12. by   emt_anderson
    Ok, so after you go to the nursing information session, how soon do you get scheduled to take these tests?? and is it true that as long as you pass you have a good chance of getting into the program??

    AND how often do you actually meet up with people. Is it all done on seperate days?? I mean, I do live rougly 200 miles away from ontario haha the application process is going to suck!
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    AND how often do you actually meet up with people. Is it all done on seperate days?? I mean, I do live rougly 200 miles away from ontario haha the application process is going to suck!
  14. by   savedo75
    Hi Long, after you attend the nursing orientation, how soon can you get scheduled to take the Compass & PSB-RN test? And after you pass the two tests, how long was the whole process from the time you were interviewed by the Nursing Director to completing the financial aid process?