elmn at csula

  1. anyone familiar with the elmn program at cal state los angeles? i know the bsn grads are solid at passing the nclex. but what about elmn program. is it good? how are the students? anyone go there? how ya like it?
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  3. by   phosophorus
    i'm interested in this program too... It is my top choice, and I'm curious about my chances. I got in the 98th percentile on the teas, have a 3.8 in my science prereqs and something like a 3.5 for my ba + prereqs. The only catch is that I don't have intro soc and speech done yet.
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  4. by   love-d-OR
    Im in the BSN program there, but I took my pharmacology class with the ELM students. My ex roomie was also an ELM student (she graduated). The students are really nice and cool to hang with. The pass rate, if I remember correctly is slightly lower than the BSN's, but that may have to do with the fact that it is fast track. You take the NCLEX afer 1.5 years in the program and you are required to work part time while fininshing the masters portion.

    One problem that I heard a lot of the students complain about was the inability of obtaining financial aid the first quarter.

    CSULA nursing professors are great! We are like family, hope you get in and enjoy your experience.