CSUS Fall '11 Hopefuls....??

  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if anyone is/has applied to CSUS for Fall '11. If so, what are your points looking like? How did you do on the TEAS exam (pretty tough huh?) I want to compare info!!!
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  3. by   runningbabyrn

    I am applying to CSUS for Fall 2011. I am so thankful they are accepting 2nd Bachelor students this time!

    I have 74 points, and I got a 91.7 on the TEAS.
  4. by   candyapples88
    Congrats on your TEAS score. I think you'll get in! I very doubtful about my admission though. I have a 3.8 gpa, 3 extra points for volunteering, but scored a 81 on the TEAS. I really need to improve my score. How were your study habits because I thought I studied hard, but I guess not well enoguh!
  5. by   runningbabyrn
    I studied for the TEAS by using the study guide for a few weeks before I took the test. What helped me is that I love math, so I scored 100% on that section.

    With your high GPA and your volunteering points, I think you have a good chance of getting in. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   candyapples88
    I'm so doubtful but I guess we'll see! I HATE math so that killed me, but I love science & scored a 91 on that section. Keep me posted and let me know what happens or if you hear anything!
  7. by   Elyse Vandendriesche
    Hi! I applied to CSUS for Fall 2011 as well. I have a 4.0, 86.7 on my TEAS, and 200 volunteer hours. I think my points total was around 79? I am so nervous and can't believe we have to wait until early May! Ahh! Best of Luch to all of you!
  8. by   runningbabyrn
    Hi Elyse! You have some great numbers! Good luck to you also!!!

    Are you already a Sac State student?
  9. by   CalStatePreNursing
    Hello candyapples88! Haha, I'll share mine if you share yours!

    Well on their website it said that last year the cutoff criteria for CSUS Fall 2010 was 56 points. The posters above me should not worry too much! You guys seem to be in a safe zone for CSUS.

    For me my stats are a bit of a wildcard haha
    My Nursing GPA is 3.46
    Teas for overall is 91.8%
    I hopefully got the full 6 points for optional criteria.

    I would have an overall of 63.
  10. by   JeffC
    I have 80 points for them: 4.0 nursing GPA, 86.9 TEAS, CNA hours, 6 of the supplemental/extra points, etc.

    Good luck, guys!
  11. by   csusfallhopeful
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm on pins and needles just like the rest of you. Has anyone heard how many applicants there are for fall 11?

    I have a 4.0 gpa and scored 92.7 on the TEAS - I think I have about 86 points.

    If anyone has heard how any applicants and how many spaces there are, please post.

  12. by   Elyse Vandendriesche
    @runningrn2be: I am not currently a student, i ended up finishing my pre-reqs at american river college because it was too hard to get them at CSUS!

    I haven't heard anything about the number of applicants, but I hope it won't be too man due to the second bachelor applications being added. It says on the website that they will be sending out letters in the beginning of May! Ugh.
  13. by   runningbabyrn
    Elyse - I also did my pre-req's at American River, and a few classes at Sac City. I figured why pay the Sac State tuition when I could get the same classes at AR for a much cheaper price!

    It is going to be a long wait until May.

    Best of luck everyone!
  14. by   mt2544
    Best of luck to all of you! I am in my final semester of the Sac State nursing program, and it has been an amazing experience. I am so glad I decided to go for nursing (I'm a second bachelor's) and my education has been excellent. (Not that there aren't things I would like to see changed in the program, but nothing is perfect.)