CSULB Fall 2012 BSN

  1. Hi!

    I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011.


    Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge difference than the previous semesters!

    Anyone else planning to apply to CSULB Fall 2012 BSN program?
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  3. by   danceluver
    I am! But i'm hoping to do the trimester program, do you know how that works in terms of getting selected for that program?
  4. by   Spiffyness
    Quote from danceluver
    I am! But i'm hoping to do the trimester program, do you know how that works in terms of getting selected for that program?
    I believe once you are officially accepted and attend the orientation, they ask who wants to do the trimester program and if there aren't enough people willing to do the trimester program then at random they select people from the semester program to do the trimester one. But if there are too many people who want to do the trimester program then they will do a lottery type of thing to select who gets to be in it. I'm hoping to do the trimester program too, bye bye summer

    What are your scores for GPA and TEAS?
  5. by   SF_RescueNinja
    Hum... interesting statistics... I'm glad they release these for every applicant pool though... it's soooo helpful in understanding where I stand!
  6. by   skterran
    Could somebody tell me what dates (or an approximate) I need to keep open for the summer if I get into the CSULB Nursing Program for Fall 2012? I want to take a trip over the summer, but someone told me there is a mandatory orientation meeting and some other meetings (interview?) Thanks.
  7. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Hey people! I am applying to CSULB too. I applied to the university beginning of Oct. I only received an email stating that they don't need transcripts or anything until Feb.... That is weird because nursing app is due Jan 1st through like mid Feb. Anyone else get same thing? So what is everyone's scores?
    I am sure it you have above 9 points your pretty safe. Remember they post an average which takes in account really high and really low scores. So just aim higher than average.
    Also keep in mind the budget issue. If you are a CSULB student (I am a transfer) you are pretty safe as well. I think it was fall 2011, they pulled some shady crap by rejecting a lot of high scores from transfer because thy only took 25 transfers max. Even 4.0 transfers didn't get in. I just hope that doesn't happen this semester.
    BTW anyone notice that they changed their guidelines? Like they only take the "first GE taken." I think that is a BS rule. I took English critical thinking like years ago and got a C. So I took philosophy of logic and got an A and they change the rules in me! What the f? I know they will probably spot the mistake but I am applying anyway. The actual application only says to put down what you took, nothing about the first GE you took. Good luck to all those who applying.
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  8. by   Spiffyness
    I heard about the transfer thing, that sucks. I go to CSULB right now and microbiology is in progess but will be done next week!
    If I get a B in microbiology my score will be 9.345 (including my TEAS and pre-req gpa). If i get an A in micro then ill have like a 9.6. I have a borderline A/B in micro and the final will either get me an A or B

    I heard about the new pre-req GPA thing and I also think that it is ridiculous. Giving 2 points out of 10 points based on ONE pre req class is absurd, especially if you got an A in all of the others except the first one.

    Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I'm glad someone else agrees! See when I started college I took the golden four, aka the GE GPA category and basically got all Bs except critical thinking English and got a C well after doing other classes, a CNA class and stuff, I realized I wanted to do nursing. CSULB needs a minimum 3.0 in GE GPA so I am automatically disqualified from their program. So I figure I would do another different critical thinking class to replace that C and take stats as the "math". So after I take both classes and get As, I look to apply and see they changed their rules! So basically all of us looking for a second chance are screwed....how thoughtful of them.
    So I mean I applied anyway because technically their actual application says nothing about putting the "first GE taken", it just says put what classes you took. Technically lol.
    My stats are as follows:
    pre req GPA : 4.0 pending o chem (have a 97% into final)
    GE GPA: 3.5
    Teas overall 2nd time (best so far): 84%
    Teas math 2nd time (best so far): 90%
    If calculated correctly, my points are 9.23/10
    which isn't bad for getting denied. oh well at least I tried. I live far from long beach so I wouldn't be heartbroken if I didn't get in. It would he nice to do that trimester program. But hey its not my fault, I made my application better and they ruined it...oh well, I guess I am bitter.
    You go to CSULB right? You will get in. Don't sweat it. Your basically guaranteed in!
  10. by   Spiffyness
    I think 9.23 is a good score! Have hope! It all depends on the competency of the semester. seems like for fall 2011 the competency wasnt as high as it was for previous semesters. if you don't get it anywhere for fall, spring admission would be a good back up since there are less applicants for the spring term. I would like to do the trimester program as well, although you get like 8 weeks total off in the whole year, if you are passionate about it and motivated then that wont matter much. I would rather do 2 years and start working right away, not like I do much in the summer anyway lol! I've been taking summer school the last 2 summers but thankfully I won't have to this year! although I was thinking of taking pharmacology or pathophysiology if I can get in. It would be a good time to get a class out of the way!
  11. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    If they didnt change their rules then I would be a shoe-in, I mean I worked hard, raising my grades and getting better grades. But apparently its just not good enough
    A friend who is in their EL-MSN program, recommended me to apply anyway. With all the applications they get, I just may get in.
    And you are right, the average is still below 9 points which is pretty low considering I thought that the scores would be on the rise.
    Yes I know, 2 years for a BSN is like 2 years for an ADN. And I too, have been taking summer school the past few years plus working one or two jobs. So not having summers while doing nursing school? No big deal.
    I hope I get in but I am so not counting on it though...
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  12. by   Spiffyness
    Where else did you apply besides Csula and Csulb?
  13. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    CSUSB too and that was it...I am unable to move due to family so I picked the surround colleges. I am thinking of applying to APU's ABSN porgram too, its kinda far up in Victorville but I used to live there, years ago

    This application thing is getting expensive

    I am really concerned with even getting into CSULB university itself! They do not want any transcripts until Feb, which is weird. I cant applying to the nursing program until Jan 1st at the earliest and they need transcripts and scores and stuff. Then if the university denies me then the program will too (that was going to happen anyway) but I mean that is just weird! CSULA and CSUSB wants updated transcripts regularly...
    From the universities I have attended, they always want updated transcripts, but when CSULB wants them so late, what if people lied on their apps! I don't even think I put the right overall GPA down (semester courses and quarter courses and grades is a little tricky to calculate). I think I put lower then what I currently have.
    Ugh this nursing school thing is so stressful, we might as well apply to med school!
    That was a joke lol
  14. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I've been literally lurking this forum for 2+ years and I REALLY wanted to be the one to start the CSULB Fall 2012 thread, but oh well.

    I'm applying next semester with an in progress course.

    ST1004- I'm also taking micro right now. Good luck on the lab and lecture final.