CSULB ELM 2013 Hopefuls!

  1. Hey!
    Just wanted to start a thread for those of you planning to apply for the 2013 ELM cohort! Let's hope funding goes through and the program will be good to go for next fall!

    So excited! Look forward to seeing/hearing from those who will also be applying! Good luck
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  3. by   ecm21
    Just out of curiousity, what was your major for your bachelors?
  4. by   choe.cm
    Hi. I am new to this whole posting thing. I am apply to CSULB this fall. Does anyone know if our undergraduate GPA is calculated into the 10 point scale? I didn't do very well in my freshman year.
  5. by   Malefocker
    Hey Everyone... I am currently in the ELM program and want to assist you guys with any questions you might have?

    Your undergraduate GPA is not part of the 10 point system... however you must have above a 3.0 in your undergraduate degree in order to apply to the ELM program
  6. by   choe.cm
    Hi @Malefocker (Nice name by the way :]]) I was wondering if you had any news about the program next year. Will there still be an ELM program?
  7. by   Malefocker
    No sorry I haven't heard anything... Don't quote me on this but I am pretty sure that Long Beach won't know anything till after the election because some of the things that are being voted on directly affect whether or not they will receive funding!
  8. by   choe.cm
    Now that the election is over, is there any news?
  9. by   Malefocker
    Not about the program... But I did get a letter from the president saying that LB would receive additional funding... Not sure how this affects nursing... I can ask when I'm on campus Tuesday
  10. by   Sophiak
    Hi Malefocker,
    Are you currently in the BSN or MSN portion of the program? Do you know if it's possible to work during the MSN program? Also, are grads able to find jobs?
  11. by   Sophiak
    Another question Malefocker:
    For the points calculation, how do you factor in grades that were semester vs quarter units?
  12. by   choe.cm
    @Malefocker: After the first 16 weeks, do you get a BSN? Has there been students that just drop after the first portion of the program?
  13. by   ktizzles
    Hey everyone!

    So glad I found this group! I sent in my application for CSULB yesterday, since they JUST found out they're having the ELM program...cutting it a little close there. Where else is everyone applying? What interested you about the program at Long Beach?

    I didn't have enough pre-reqs to apply anywhere else, but LB is my top choice anyway. The way they only have classes for a few weeks is so appealing to me. For my undergrad (BS Cartography from Ohio University) we were on quarters, so classes were 10 weeks long. The 18 weeks at Crafton/Valley are KILLING me! I am going for a NP too, so it makes sense to go through an ELM program where I can actually do that.

    Speaking of community college...are you guys in school full time for pre-reqs, or are you working and going to school part time? I'm working full time and have taken 1-2 classes/semester. It's kind of drawn out my pre-req time, and now I am a little worried about how much from these classes I'll need to know going into nursing school. My anatomy class was so painfully easy that I didn't have to study and got an A. This isn't what I've heard from some other people, but they also say that a lot of people will probably have forgotten stuff from pre-reqs.

    I have so much to say...so many questions!
  14. by   choe.cm
    I actually didn't apply to the ELM program at Long Beach because they don't have an accelerated BSN anymore. It used to be in 16 months but now it will take 2 years. So I just applied for the basic BSN and hopefully get the trimester option. Good luck to you guys though!