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Hey! Just wanted to start a thread for those of you planning to apply for the 2013 ELM cohort! Let's hope funding goes through and the program will be good to go for next fall! So excited! Look... Read More

  1. by   buffcarebear
    I'm not sure if I am going to accept the offer yet. It really depends on the cost of everything because I live in NorCal and would have to move down. Does anyone know the cost of tuition for all three years?
  2. by   ktizzles
    Since I only applied to CSULB, I am taking it! It seems to be shorter than most other programs, which I think of as a huge advantage. The classes are taught in chunks of a few weeks, rather than quarters or semesters. I really like this, since I get SO tired of classes dragging out at the end of a semester. Does anyone know where the classes are taught? I need to look for a place to live!
  3. by   raminajulia
    @Ktizzles I am assuming the classes are taught at the CSULB campus...I am reading the forum from the class that was accepted for Fall 2011 right now to try to find out more info!

    I am going to need to find a place to live too (I will be moving up from San Diego), for those familiar with the area is Long Beach a good place to live? I've heard it can be expensive/some parts are of it are not that safe? I wouldn't mind commuting about 20 minutes, any suggestions for a good neighborhood to live that isn't too expensive and is safe?
  4. by   jsuwan001
    I think we should make a FB page!
  5. by   vatran
    @pinkstarzxmae I am currently taking pharmacology at GWC(goldenwest college) and they also offer pathophysiology. I am not sure if they are offered in the summer but you could check!
  6. by   vatran
    @raminajulia long beach has some areas that are really pricey and some with the lack of words to describe "sketchy." but there are neighboring neighborhoods to live! Seal beach is close by and I think has many apartments if you would try that out!
  7. by   siberiantiger
    Congrats to all who have been accepted to ELM7!! I remember the excitement we had for ELM6 two years ago. Some quick information:

    • I had heard that the program switched to a 4-year program due to the insane nature of a 3 year program. That is something that needs to be clarified at Orientation. 4 years isn't bad as ELM6 thought that the 16 months BSN portion was insane in terms of speed and content.
    • Consider taking the co-requisites elsewhere.
      • Moorpark College has an online summer course for patho (It wasn't a great course in general).
      • Golden West has pharm for the summer (good professor).
      • I took Nutrition in the winter prior at Mt. SAC (good instructor).
      • Taking the co-reqs before the fall will help lighten the load for the fall. Don't feel compelled to as probably 75% of ELM6 still needed at least one of those courses with about half needing all 3.

    • Start saving money just in case you have winter and summer classes. Financial aid did not (and still doesn't) cover those two intersessions. There has been discussions of including summer for financial aid but I'm not sure if it'll pass in time for Summer 2014. ELM6 felt slammed by the financial reality train for Winter 2012 and Summer 2012.
    • Quick facts about ELM6:
      • 45 started the program
      • 4 dropped out (mainly for personal reasons)
      • 41 took the NCLEX and ALL passed on first try
      • 3 left after getting their BSN and are now working
      • 39 currently in MSN program

    • Possible MSN routes: pediatrics, women's health, family, psych, and adult/gero.

    When is ELM7's orientation? I'm guessing first week of June?
  8. by   buffcarebear
    I just created a facebook page for us


    If you can't find it, try my email address: buffalobear17@gmail.com

    I can't wait to meet everyone!
  9. by   jsuwan001
    @siberiantiger thanks so much for the tips! How are you liking the program? Also, how often are you on campus for class and in the hospital on a weekly basis? Anything you didn't like about the program? Any other tips or advice is much appreciated!
  10. by   siberiantiger
    The simple answer is that I like the program enough to still be in it.

    We were on campus for about 3 days each week during the fall and spring semesters. Clinicals are usually 12 hour shifts twice a week.

    Things that ELM6 didn't like? Aside from the usual (some instructors aren't the greatest), there were times we felt that we weren't listened to or respected. Sometimes we felt that we were the ugly stepchild next to the regular BSN, trimester BSN, and ADN-BSN cohorts. But that shouldn't deter you as ELM6 was probably the tightest, most supportive cohort that CSULB has ever seen. I expect ELM7 to be just as cohesive and successful.

    Other tips: Don't live an hour away from campus. Don't plan a wedding during the program. Be ready to use "Sorry, I can't; I have to study" as the excuse for everything. Look at the academic calendar to plan your vacation (a few weeks in Dec, spring break, 1.5 weeks in May).
  11. by   siberiantiger
    Also, do not think that Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are off-limits for clinicals. It's not like the hospitals are closed on those days. So there may be some clinicals that you might have to sacrifice those days. There are of course pros and cons to having clinicals on the weekend.
  12. by   jsuwan001
    Don't live an hour away from campus? I am planning on commuting to school, but it'll be about an hour due to traffic. Would it be that nad to commute? Did anyone commute from the program? I just want to be prepared for everything before I decide on what program to attend!
  13. by   jsuwan001
    Typo: that bad to commute*