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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had... Read More

  1. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    hahaha you noticed!!! idk but your name is just even more awesome with the -ster at the end...you cool with that?!!? lol
  2. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    but on the off note...you will get in
  3. by   kosmic2003
    D-day is almost arriving
  4. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    D-day? Oh my denial day! Great!............Not lol
  5. by   kosmic2003
    We will all get in!!!
  6. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I sure hope so kosmic!
  7. by   kosmic2003
    Hehe. Darkpheonix your inbox message is full lol
  8. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    oh yes, i got the email. send the pm again. i am deleting crap.
  9. by   kosmic2003
    Ahhhh! Next week they might start calling people!
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    What you mean!? You spoke to them?
  11. by   kosmic2003
    On previous forums from 09 , 2010, 2011. All the calls have been going out that week of april, so there is a good chance some of us might get calls next week!
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  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I hope you get a call! I have pretty much given up on getting into any BSN programs. ADN for me then! But since you got in last year, you should definitely be put into this cohort automatically.....
    Expect a call my friend! Keep your phone on!
  13. by   kosmic2003
    Thanks blue. I wish it was that easy lol. Every year is getting competitive so it is not guaranteed . Depending on the pool this year, we could both be put in the fall 2012 cohort. That is the plan!