CSU Long Beach School of Nursing (Fall 2010)

  1. This thread is for those who are aspiring a seat in CSU Long Beach's School of Nursing for Fall 2010.
    We all know the current impaction of the program. We are all familiar with the challenging process.
    We understand the competition between all the applicants. You are not alone!

    I submitted my application yesterday and I must tell you the relief I suddenly had.
    I have worked hard the past two years of my life and there is nothing else I can do but pray and hope. =]

    Has anyone else turned in their application?
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  3. by   danielha87
    Hey matthewandrew, im also applying for the fall 2010 semester and im just as restless as you. im praying everyday that i will get in. unfortunately i wasnt as focused as i am now my first years of college so my general GPA is not very strong. here are my grades please let me know if you think my grades are competitive. thanks!

    Gen GPA: 3.34
    Science GPA: 4.0
    TEAS: 92.9%
    MATH TEAS: 97.8%

    also do you know when they will be contacting us and letting us know if we are eligible for an interview?
  4. by   mango88
    I've turned in my application last week! glad to find a thread for fall 2010.
    I don't think you have much to worry about danielha87. your gpa and teas score seems very competitive!

    I've only applied to csulb and csula so i'm really hoping to get in to either of the place. i still have one course in progress for science prerequisite so my science gpa is not as high as i hoped it was but i'm still praying for the best! after reading the previous applicant's threads, i think csulb will start contacting people regarding the interview end of march or beginning of april.
  5. by   matthewandrew
    Hello fellow applicants! Yes, from reading the previous threads I presume that we will be notified of interview dates by the end of March and school of nursing acceptances in April.

    General: 4.0
    Sciences: 3.4 (3.75 w/o the course in progress but that doesn't matter) =P
    Teas: 87.1
    Math: 88.9

    Not as good as the previous one, but I'm still hoping! HAHA. The previous stats is very competitive! Congratulations! =]
    Do you guys know if there is a way to check if they received our application? I just wanted to make sure they got it! I have also applied to CSULA and CSUSM for backups. But since I live in Long Beach, CSULB is my top choice!

    I hope I get to meet you guys someday, God willing. =]

    & the wait continues...
  6. by   danielha87
    hey mattdrew if you want to make sure all your documents have been recieved and your application is processed just call the long beach nursing department. 562.985.2201. just tell them your last name and they can pull up your file and tell you if you're missing anything or not. anyways your grades seem great to! i think we both have a good chance so lets just hope for the best. unfortunately i threw all my eggs in one basket and just applied to csulb which was the dumbest decision ever but i guess i cant do anything now but sit back and pray. also one more thing, when i called csulb about my application i asked them when i should be expecting a call if i was eligible for an interview and they told me the end of february, so i guess we will be finding out sooner than we thought. but just to make sure, mattdrew or anyone else in this thread if you decide to call in and ask about your app, can you ask them again when we should be expecting interview calls just to make sure?>?? thanks
  7. by   matthewandrew
    thank you danielha, you just boosted my confidence! =] and thank you so much for the info. i called them today and a lady told me that they have received my application. she didn't tell me though if i was missing anything or not. she said she hasn't gone through mine yet. =[ i will call again tomorrow to ask her when the interview dates will be released. in the mean time, are you guys planning to take any classes before Fall 2010?
  8. by   mango88
    I called today too to make sure if they received my application. I asked when I could expect any words from them and they said end of march. So we should just keep our eyes out for the mail starting end of February. Oh the torturous wait. Anyhow, I'm planning to take Microbiology for the prerequisite and U.S. history for Spring 2010. My counselor told me that U.S. History is a graduation requirement for CSU's so I'm planning to get that out of the way. Here are my grades.

    General: 3.25
    Science: 3.5 (4.0 if I ace Micro)
    Teas: 90.6%
    Math: 97.8%

    My general is so low because for English 1, I passed an AP exam during high school but the nursing dept told me I had to put the actual letter grade I received in 10th grade and sadly I got a C in the class. I was quite embarassed to send in my high school transcripts, honestly. I just gotta pray and hope for the best! Also, check out the site below. It's very informative.

  9. by   matthewandrew
    Wonderful stats! I sure hope they get back to us by the end of February!
    Are you guys students at CSULB already? As for me, I am actually going to be a transfer student from El Camino College. I recently heard that out of all the 71,000 applicants for Fall 2010, only 5,500 will be accepted to the University. I guess it's an added round of competition for me, not to mention more wait for acceptance letters. Oh well, that's life!
    On a side note, have you guys seen the new Nursing building that's under construction? Here's to hoping we get to take classes there someday! =]
  10. by   mango88
    I'm in the same boat as you, matthewandrew. I go to SMC right now and I took Chem 20 from El Camino College last semester that's equivalent to Chem 140 prerequisite for csulb! Small world! Anyhow, I think we get an answer for the university's acceptance this month so I'm quite nervous.
  11. by   danielha87
    same here to guys, going to transfer from orange coast college. i dont think we should all worry about getting into the university itself because based on the grades you guys showed i think we're in for sure. just gotta worry about the nursing program. i dont know about you guys but this wait is friggen KILLING ME!!!! im so impatient and restless i neeeed to know!!! hahahah
  12. by   Bcho86
    Good luck to you all. I'll be applying Spring of 2011.

    you guys are going to love CSULB! Great people, weather, campus....etc etc
  13. by   mango88
    hey hey did anyone receive the acceptance letter yet? I just received it through e-mail but it says my major is pre-nursing? does it say that on yours too? that's so weird. i will be calling them tomorrow morning.
  14. by   matthewandrew
    i haven't received a letter yet but i called the CSULB automated phone number. it told me that they were now requesting my school transcripts. so i just sent all my transcripts today. if you guys haven't received a letter yet and if ya'll wondering if it's time to send in your transcripts, call 1 (562) 985-2500. i hope i get my school acceptance letter soon. =]