Clinical Nurse Residency Sutter Memorial Medical Center 2012

  1. Has anyone heard any news about the clinical nurse residency that was posted on January 26-January 31? Any emails or call backs? Thanks.
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  3. by   kimsjc
    I just received an email telling me I was not selected for an interview.
  4. by   dcolonrn
    Got the rejection email earlier myself. Im a BSN, did a 200 hour MICU preceptorship at a level I trauma, have my BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and NIHSS, and volunteer work. Im really at a loss as to what these programs are looking for. I wish I could at least get my calls returned regarding a little feedback about my rejections. I guess it comes down to local/internal preference?
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  5. by   Mayet_RN
    @ dcolonrn wow- I know how you feel. Its sucks how so many of us apply to all these new grad program yet we don't know what the hospital is looking for because I know for sure we all meet the minimum requirements. When did you guys apply? I applied on the first day and I still haven't heard anything. I'm constantly checking my emails or waiting for a phone call
  6. by   dcolonrn
    I applied the first day as well. Got a call back the next day saying I was missing info on my BLS although it was all in my resume. The HR rep said the app looked good and would forward it. Guess not good enough :/
  7. by   mixtapes
    Quote from Mayet_RN
    Has anyone heard any news about the clinical nurse residency that was posted on January 26-January 31? Any emails or call backs? Thanks.

    I got a call back and interview next Thursday. I have been searching since December 2010 and had few interviews. I have applied to endless residencies all over CA. I'm not sure what stood out on my resume this time. I feel like it's pretty good, but not a lot of nursing experience since I'm a new grad and 2nd career. Sometimes, I think it's pure luck! But I hope I get lucky this time because I'm losing motivation. : (

    I don't have all the certifications like the others because I can't afford them. But here's what I do have.: BSN and 2nd Bachelors in behavioral psych, actively volunteer in major hospital (level 2 trauma) and a lot of community events, worked for Sutter as a flu nurse, BLS, First Aid, IV Therapy and Blood w/d, 780 clinical hours (180 precep in pediactrics), nurse externship in urgent care, 15 years experience working with DD population.

    Trying to stay positive! : )
  8. by   Mayet_RN
    Good Luck! Yeah it seems like another hurdle for all of us and pure luck. Still waiting and staying positive for a call hopefully next week. I know people are already gotten rejection emails and I'm just waiting. I might just call next week after Tuesday if I don't hear anything.
  9. by   Mayet_RN
    Good luck to those who interviewed. I called and they said they already started interview and for those who got it will find out next week for a call regarding an offer for the position
  10. by   audqyee
    So.. anyone applied to the second application date (June 29-July 3)?
  11. by   zhannai
    Does any one know about the application dates for the 2013 CNR program at the Memorial Medical Center in Modesto. Where do you find the posting for it, and what exactly are they looking for in their applicants, any information or suggestions would be helpful maybe even from previous app;icants. Thank you!