1. Do any of you have any experience working for Children's Hospital Los Angeles? How do they treat thier nurses? Do you/did you enjoy working there? I want to work there in the future because my brother has a condition and frequents there often and I really like the enviroment and the work that is done there. Any info much appreciated
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  3. by   abbythetabby
    I only did a clinical rotation there, but I also loved the atmosphere. All of the nurses I worked with were exceptionally professional. Also, they were able to explain why certain nursing interventions were done from a pathophysiology angle. I haven't seen that with many of the med-surg nurses in our other clinical sites. The only drawback to CHLA is that they are one of the lowest paying facilites in the area. However, if you're willing to trade that $10k for a better workplace, then go for it. They also have excellent new grad programs.
  4. by   dijaqrn
    I've heard their salaries are going up and their new grad program is reputed to be THE BEST in LA.
  5. by   peds4now
    According to the packet I just got, new grads make $25.40/hr. for the first 22 weeks (lower than avg.), then $29/hr after six more months, then RN II grade and paid $32 after an addition 6 (so after 1 year, 5 months).

  6. by   abbythetabby
    As sudents we parked in a lot at Vermont/Los Feliz, but I think that was just for the students. They have a shuttle that goes to the different lots. Also, it's right by the Vermont/Sunset Metro train stop. If you live close to a Metro stop, that's often the fastest way to get there
  7. by   Dee76
    I worked at Children's in the PICU before moving to Maui and I loved it. The nurse manager was great and the two educators for the unit are amazing. I had worked at Cedars prior to CHLA and had to take a pay cut, but it was worth it to me. The quality of care in the hospital is second to none and they offer a lot of really great classes to the staff. Good Luck!
  8. by   blee1
    how is their oncology floor. any opinions? is CHLA a teaching facility? please any input would be greatly appreciated =)
  9. by   abbythetabby
    I don't have any experince on the oncology floor, but CHLA is a teaching facility (one of the best I've seen!). Several of my former classmates spent a lot of time on the oncology floor and they all had a great experience.
  10. by   rgntna2usa
    I also did my clinical rotation there and loved the athmosphere. The nurses are extremely knowledgable and seem to be genuinely happy to be working there.
    They have a great new grad program.
    Good luck!!!
  11. by   Dee76
    The Oncology floor had a very good reputation in the hospital. They would only transfer kids to the PICU once they were very ill. I took care of several kids from that floor and all of the families were very happy with the care they had received. The nurses there seemed really dedicated to the kids. Their Nurse Mgr or Educator (I can't remember what her position was or her name) had just been elected to some kind of National Advisory Committee on Pediatric Oncology when I worked there. I attended a couple of classes she taught, she was extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. I think if Peds Oncology is what you are interested in doing, CHLA would definitley be the best place to go.
  12. by   peachsnapple
    I have a phone interview with CHLA Nurse residency program and I was wondering if anyone knows what types of questions they ask? Any tips? Thanks!!
  13. by   pegosys
    Hi Peachsnapple,
    I have an interview on Monday (prescreening). When is your phone interview? Did you have the prescreening interview already? If so, can you give me some tips on what the interview was like and what they asked you?
    Thanks!!! I am so anxious.
  14. by   dumaralos
    I have question, when did you send your packets for CHLA new grad program?