Cedars Sinai RN new grad Oct 2016

  1. Hi guys!
    Did anyone go to the interview event for Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency? Just wanted to make a page for us to hear any updates! Please let me know if you guys hear anything.
    I believe it starts on Oct. 31, 2016. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   ShirleyRex
    Thanks for starting this thread! It's only the day after the interview but I've been obsessively checking my phone. I was told we should expect to hear in the next week or so.
  4. by   tongie28
    Is it still open? how did you both apply? Thank you.
  5. by   Samwella
    Hello!! I've been checking daily for them to post it on their careers website like the HR said they would. How did you guys apply?? Is it too late to apply?? Help Please!
  6. by   Junebloom
    Hello! The application was earlier this week, it was open for a day I believe when it reached its quota of applicants. HR is pretty elusive as to when it opens so you just have to keep checking their job site. You can sign up for the alerts too after you make an account! As for this cohort I think it may be too late to apply, however I think they do multiple a year but you always need to apply quick! From what I heard one time it only opened for 2 hours. Best of luck!
  7. by   marinursling
    Hi! Is this for the new grad program? Because I applied last Wednesday but still havent heard back yet about moving on to the first round of video/call interviews or even getting a rejection letter! I'm getting really nervous.
  8. by   Junebloom
    Hi, did you go to the interview event? There should of been an email soon after you applied
  9. by   marinursling
    I didn't get that email! I did get confirmation about applying though! Should I give up? Or contact HR hoping they will accommodate me
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  10. by   Junebloom
    I'm sorry! I don't know if there's more interviews or anything but it wouldn't hurt to ask HR
  11. by   marinursling
    Oh darn. Well it sure sucks because it is Labor Day weekend. I guess I'll have to see on Tuesday
  12. by   asiwik1
    Hi! I interviewed at the event and was told we'd start hearing back in about a week... I haven't heard anything and have been checking my phone and account religiously! Has anyone else heard or seen a change in their application status? So anxious and excited at the same time!
  13. by   tongie28
    What dept? Can you give us further details how did the interview went? Thank u for your time.
  14. by   Junebloom
    I got an offer today!