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Greetings. This is my story- I graduated from Nursing School in May 2008 (ADN) and passed my boards in October 2008. I live north of San Fran and have yet to find a New Grad Program. I've been... Read More

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    Tell your son that I like the skull too:-)

    Did you have prior hospital experience? Absolutely none. My only experience is what I received during my clinical rotation. I was lucky that I came from a school that really offered a lot at the clinical setting. But I was asked during my interview as to why they should hire me without any hospital experience whatsoever. I have a strong work ethic and a strong background in customer service. I decided to sell those two areas.

    Did you get your ADN or BSN? I have an ADN. I asked during my interview if that would hurt me. Only because I knew I was going up against many nurses who had graduated from UCLA or USC. I explained to them that I paid for college all on my own and I thought the smartest thing for me to do was to get my ADN and then let the hospital help pay for my BSN. I also made it clear that I absolutely want my BSN. Cedars pays 100% of your ADN to BSN if you use their CSULA program. I am eligible for the program in a year. I let them know I fully plan to use it if I was hired. I think I was also lucky that the woman who interviewed me had started out with her ADN and understood why I was worried that having my ADN would hinder gaining employment at Cedars.

    What made you stand out and get the job? I am not sure. When I walked away from the interview, I knew I had answered my questions well, but I didn't think I answered them extrodinarly well. They did ask some basic nursing questions, that I know I got right. But other then that, I am not sure what made me stand out. I have a very old fashioned work ethic that I don't think is common these days, and I empasized that as much as I could. I also was a bartender all through nursing school, and a food server before that. In all honestly the customer service aspect of nursing is not too far from the customer server aspect of hospitality/food service type jobs. I really emphasized that I understood customer service, so that would leave me to be able to concentrate on learning the nursing aspect of my new career.

    I hope some of this may help. Once again, good luck!
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    Quote from RNPatty

    Try this link:

    Select the link that says "contact us." Make sure you fill out a department you are interested in. They should contact you or send an email about their upcoming open house. I am not sure if they have set a date yet or not. I have a in-service class on Wed. I will see what information I can find out about the fall new grad class. What information I find out, I will post.

    I did this, and then just received an email saying that they are redesigning their new grad program. They will be interviewing for their new grad program in July.
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    Quote from itsthegreeneyes

    - Kaiser- I am not really connected into that circle, so anyone with information please share.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck Everyone!!!!
    I've sent emails to 2 Kaiser nursing recruiters here in the Bay Area. They informed me that they most likely won't have any new program this summer/fall. They don't know when their hiring freeze will end. I know this is not much of any help, but just FYI.

    French Medical Center in San Luis Obispo has a new grad program, but they only accept local applicants.

    For those who are interested in working for State and Psych Hospitals, here's the bulletin:

    The person who I talked to at Atascadero State Hospital says they do accept new grads. There are other listings for RNs for the state here, just scroll down to see "registered nurse"
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    Quote from RNPatty
    Hi, I was a new grad that was hired on by Cedars in March. They hired 73 new grads, out of 300+ that applied.

    I went to a lecture at Cedars on Monday. I found out that they already have 700 applicants for a possible 100 positions for their June new grad class. For my group, they did their interview in a open house type of format. They are an absolutely awesome hospital to work for. Don't let the numbers discourage you. I never thought I would get picked out of the 300. But I did, so if you are interested, get your resume in STAT! You can do it through their website.

    Just an FYI, they changed their new grad orientation. You used to be hired straight into a specialty. Now you are hired and expected to do ten weeks total on med/surg floor. Five weeks medical and then five weeks surgical. After that, they will place you. They try to place you in your area of interest, but there is no guarantee that you will be placed on the floor you want to work. I know some people are very specific as to where they want to go, and unfortunately you have to take the chance that you might have to spend some time on a floor that was not your choice. From what I understand, they are no longer taking new grads in the ER, but I could be wrong on that. For me, it was more important to have a job right now and getting any experience I could then to start off in the specialty of my choice, so I happily accepted the job offer.

    Good luck to all of you. I know your frustration. I submitted countless resumes, with out even a return letter or phone call to say "no thank you." Just keep plugging away!
    I submitted my resume online in February & got an email reply that they will start interviewing for their next new grad program in July & to expect an invite. I don't know if they're still accepting applications but it never hurts to put yourself out there.
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    Is there any new grad program here in bay area? I graduated few yrs ago so I wont be qualified for Stanford's new grad prog.

    Actually i just got my CA RN lic last october but iv been a nurse in other country with a year of ICU experience but i dont have any US experience. should I consider myself as a new grad or what? every hospital requires at least 1 yr US experience and new grad programs are saying you should be 2008-2009 graduate. where should I belong? im so consfused and hopeless...
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    Quote from k7redeemed
    I submitted my resume online in February & got an email reply that they will start interviewing for their next new grad program in July & to expect an invite. I don't know if they're still accepting applications but it never hurts to put yourself out there.

    I got that invite! I have to RSVP before May 18th for June 4th interview, but I don't know if i should b/c I was already hired in Maryland for their ER/Critical Care Residency Program in July and ER is where I want to start, but Cedars-Sinai is a Magnet Hospital and I heard is a great hospital to work in. So, I'm still thinking of what to decide on...
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    I talked to someone who works directly with the new grad program today. She told me they are looking to hire new grads, but the number of positions is currently unknown. So far, for the fall program, they have received 1200 applications. It could be anywhere from 50 to 100 new hires, but some of those positions may be filled by grads that interviewed in Feb when I interviewed.

    Good luck to those that do come to the open house. My advice is to still come even if you feel the numbers of applicants are working against you. It is a great organization to work for. I can't say enough good things. At the moment the new grad program is a little unorganized, but that is because they changed the structure. They are diligently working on ironing out the kinks. The nursing institute offers a lot of support to you while you are going through the program. I truly feel you are incredibly lucky if you get offered a position.

    I am sorry I don't have anymore advice to offer on obtaining a job here.
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    This is my first post on I really appreciate all the information that was posted about the new grad programs.

    I also RSVP for the Cedars-Sinai open house on June 4. Can someone give me some general information about what to expect for the event and possibly how the interview will be conducted? Thank you.

    I've also been curious about whether or not the graduation date from a nursing program affects being considered for or getting accepted into a new grad program? Unfortunately, a couple of hospitals I looked into want candidates who graduated within a year. I'm not sure if this is the case with the new grad program at Cedars-Sinai, or any other hospitals.
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    For me, this is how the open house was conducted. You checked in and handed them your resume, cover letter, letter of references (you needed two), and transcripts. They gave you a packet of their benefits and program overview. You went into a auditorium. All the nursing managers were seated in the auditorium and you were called to talk to one. I think the interview questions were standard interview questions. Though I am not positive because it was the only nursing interview I went on. That was about it.

    I have no idea if your graduation date has any affect on hiring or not. I graduated in Dec 08'. There are people in my new grad class that graduated a year before me.
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    Where did you find their #? I didn't see it anywhere online. Can you post it? I haven't received the invite yet. I just emailed the recruiter that originally responded to me though. Arrrrgggg! I am getting so frustrated with the job search. I'm ok.....I'm oookaaay...I'll be just fine :icon_roll I'm going to keep my focus on passing NCLEX right now. My date is May 19th. Pretty soon I'll be official & hopefully that will help more in the job search
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    Quote from k7redeemed
    where did you find their #? i didn't see it anywhere online. can you post it? i haven't received the invite yet. i just emailed the recruiter that originally responded to me though. arrrrgggg! i am getting so frustrated with the job search. i'm ok.....i'm oookaaay...i'll be just fine :icon_roll i'm going to keep my focus on passing nclex right now. my date is may 19th. pretty soon i'll be official & hopefully that will help more in the job search

    i applied in feb. and this is part of the e-mail i got from cedars-sinai:

    [color=white]rn new graduate open house

    this is an invite event only, walk-ins will not be entertained.

    □ this event is limited to new or recent rn graduates only .

    □ you must have already graduated or will be graduating any time in 2009 and only from any us accredited schools.

    □ rsvp is done only via email. please do not call for confirmation.

    good luck on the nclex!!:d
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    Do you have your license already? I got an email reply saying the recruiter is out of the office :-(
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    RN Patty,

    I just received the invite to attend the open house! Any chance we can talk on the phone.

    Thanks for answering all my questions. I can't believe it, we have a similar background.
    I worked in the restaurant business for years. I even worked at Chin Chin's on Sunset.
    Have you been yet?

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