California Pacific Medical Center & UCSF Medical Center SAN FRAN

  1. hi everyone, i am a canadian nurse ready to accept a travel assignment with cctc. i would like to go to the san francisco area. in particular i need good transportation ie. bart access. are there any hospitals that are connected directly with a train station in san fran? any comments on the hospitals suggested by my recruiter below would really be appreciated. i am really trying to set up the best experience for myself so please i welcome any comments at all. thanks in advance!

    california pacific medical center
    ucsf medical center
    sequoia hospital in redwood city
    st luke hospital in san francisco
    st mary's medical center

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  3. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I would ask CCTC direvtly. They will know. Congrats on your decision to go to San Fran! I usually work LA. That's a goal for me to work where you'll be going!
  4. by   CityKat
    If these are the two hospitals you're looking for, neither of them are directly in line with bart. However, you can take BART, get out at market and then take the train up market and get off closer to Castro Street and walk a little bit, if you don't the Davies campus for CPMC. If you're thinking UCSF, that is in Cole Valley and the bart is farther away from there and taking public transportation in SF is not the easiest if you're used to great transportation. It isn't the "worst", but it isn't the "best" either. I always drove everywhere for that fact. There are always cabs
  5. by   cuppy
    If you want to go to any of the CPMC campuses, you get off at the Bart city center, and they have a shuttle that picks you up and goes to all three campuses. The pacific, california and Davies campus. UCSF is easy to reach by BART. Get off at any station downtown, and transfer to the N Judah. It drops you off right in front of UCSF. St Lukes, get off at 24th street bart station, and walk 3 blocks to 27th and Ceasear Chavez. St Mary's, Get off at any downtown station and take Hayes St. Bus, ( I think its the 21, I don't remember) But there is one that goes right down to St. Mary's. I don't remember if your post included St. Francis, which is also downtown San Francisco, but that is within walking distance of the Powell St. Bart station. I cant help with any of the out of town Bart stations, although you may also want to check out Cal Train which I believe goes to Redwood City also.
    Good Luck!!
  6. by   TazziRN
    My first choice to work at would be UCSF, regardless of BART access.