Cal State Univ, Northridge Accelerated BSN (A-BSN) 2013 - page 4

Hey guys! Are there any individuals here applying for CSUN's ABSN program for the Summer/Fall 2013? I'm currently applying and would love to hear from those who are into this as well. I'm still... Read More

  1. by   aleong29
    ReaperX: I completely agree with you about having such a short prep time should we get into the program. I'll definitely need to find housing ASAP since it'd be quite a commute for me. I hope the time passes by fast! I want to know already!
  2. by   afractaluniverse
    Ugh I totally agree with you all on the long wait time!

    Hopefulpednurse and ReaperX: Do you think it's taking longer because there were way more applicants this year than last year?

    Also, does anyone know for those admitted to the summer cohort, would they be notified earlier, even if it's only a few weeks, than those admitted to the fall cohort? So much stuff to do and so little time!
  3. by   nextway55
    Exactly. That's my concern as well. How many applicants this year?
  4. by   Hopefulpednurse
    Well....if you look on the Frequently Asked Questions on the Csun Absn web page, it also says April, so maybe that is just a safe assumption the department likes to give out but could be earlier. I have a feeling we will find out in March. Just a feeling.....
  5. by   ReaperX
    Hmm, according to JM (the speaker...abbreviated to comply with forum rules ), they are expecting hundreds of applicants...which is about the same as last year's. I guess what makes it "longer" (or perhaps I should say "seemingly longer") is probably because of how some of the requirements for the program have changed. For example, for 2013 applicants, there is a section about "Volunteering", or something about being involved in a health-related field, that wasn't present in last year's application. Couple that with the fact that they are not interviewing (much like before), that may explain the longer waiting time.

    If anything, those who would be admitted in the Summer cohort would already take a quick dive into it should the month of April arrives, assuming that decisions actually come out that time; the Fall cohort, though, would have a bit of a "break" before full immersion, and would have the benefit of asking questions to then-admitted Summer cohort applicants.

    We'll just have to see (more like wait) how this goes
  6. by   margaritadelsol
    I know they are reviewing applications now. I got an email needing clarification on something today, and saying they were in the midst of "processing my application."
  7. by   nextway55
    Really hope that they will let us know their decision soon
  8. by   Hopefulpednurse
    Just got the email!! I got accepted for summer!! Now I have to decide between a few schools.
  9. by   aleong29
    Hopefulpednurse: Congrats! I'm so glad they're sending notifications out sooner than they announced! Keeping my fingers crossed for an email as well! Thanks for letting us know!
  10. by   margaritadelsol
    Congrats! Did you apply for summer only or both summer and fall? Anyone else hear?
  11. by   Hopefulpednurse
    I applied for either Summer or Fall. I thought they would give us a choice like in years past.
  12. by   brittany1902
    I also applied for either, Summer or Fall. However, I did not receive an e-mail.... YET! Anyone else get anything? Hopefulpednurse: would you mind sharing your qualifications/GPA/etc. so I can have some idea of where I stand?

    Good luck to everyone else! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  13. by   aleong29
    Hi Hopefulpednurse! I was wondering if they sent you an email through the CSUN email or our personal email? Were there any changes in your CSUN account saying you got accepted? Thanks! I'm excited and nervous at the same time!