Brotman medical center job fair

  1. Has anyone heard back from the nursing job fair at Brotman medical center that took place on Monday Dec 17, 2012 ??
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  3. by   flowerchild89
    hey i was there too. no i haven't heard anything. did you get a job offer too? if so, what unit? i was offered a position in tele
  4. by   cww0911
    Thats awesome congrats!! Unfortunately I did not get an offer on the spot so thats why I posted this. I interviewed for ER and ICU.
  5. by   staryeyes
    I was offered a spot in ER but have not heard anything yet. Still waiting.
  6. by   nihaojailan
    I was offered a spot at ER as well.. but haven't heard anything.. after the holidays perhaps
  7. by   Li_an
    I was offered a position too in tele and haven't heard anything. Did they tell you guys the job will be permanent if the nurses strike? Am confused! This is the most interesting job offer i have ever had! lol
  8. by   CantGetAbreakRN
    Its only been 11 days since that infamous "job fair" and I've been anxiously waiting! I wonder if all the people that were offered positions are going to be able to be oriented and/or trained before the strike. I got my TB test read and submitted all my documents and the HR lady said, "We're just waiting on your background check and your drug test results"
  9. by   flowerchild89
    lol, that infamous job fair indeed. still haven't heard anything. luckily i got the number of the nurse manager who interviewed me for tele. i'll give him a call after new years. i also have been in contact with the nurse recruiter, so i'll call her too after new year.

    i was very skeptical about this job fair. i mean, what if the nurses don't go on strike? how will they train us? WHY are they striking anyways? lol, do i even wanna work for them if this is how they treat their nurses?... when i told one of my old nursing professors about this job fair she kind of discouraged me from following through, she said "be ready if and when you start, and don't feel obligated if other options come your way" lol. when i had my speed interview, the manager didn't even give me a chance to ask questions. however, i am still very interested and brotman seems like a pretty good hospital. very innovative and i love the diversity in the area.

    everyone please keep us updated!
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  10. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Are you guys new grads? Because I would be very weary of a hospital willing to have new grads taking the place of experienced nurses during a strike.
  11. by   DeBerham
    Would echo the above... Be very careful of what you're getting yourselves into. There is a reason why the nurses are so unhappy that they are willing to walk off the job and while I understand that the market is tough right now be aware that you will be viewed by your coworkers in a less than favorable light. Finally, without experienced nurses to mentor you there may be situations where it is essentially the blind leading the blind. As new grads you have just enough knowledge and confidence to be dangerous, if you take the job do not allow yourselves to be bullied into positions that might be dangerous for your patients or your license.
  12. by   flowerchild89
    has anyone heard anything yet? i got a job offer elsewhere and i already accepted it because they never got back to me. i'd still be open to doing pt/per diem though.
  13. by   liddy_adams
    I found this that helps explain why they are striking. Still haven't heard a peep from them. I even called last Friday and the guy said very generically that they haven't made a decision yet.

    Brotman RNs to Picket Culver City Hospital Tuesday | National Nurses United
  14. by   flowerchild89
    thanks for the article! please keep us updated if you guys hear anything from them!