Bay area pay scales, WOW

  1. I was browsing around a bit because I'm seriously considering moving to the bay area. With the cost of living being so high out there I was trying to determine if I could make it. I wound up at the sf.gove site and was really suprised at the high pay scale. Is that representative of the pay scale in SF, or is the goverment paying more.


    Licensed Vocational Nurse - Jail Health Services Entrance
    $47,840 - $58,136 12/27/2002

    Licensed Vocational Nurse Laguna Honda Hospital Entrance
    $44,213 - $53,714 03/23/2001

    Licensed Vocational Nurse SFGH Only Entrance
    $47,840 - $58,136 08/23/2002

    RN - Laguna Honda Hospital Entrance
    $63,971 - $74,777 09/27/2002
    File Immed.

    RN - Home Health Agency Entrance
    $63,726 - $74,490 12/27/2002

    RN - Critical Care Stepdown Training Program (SFGHMC) Entrance
    $63,726 - $74,490 12/13/2002
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  3. by   Sheri257
    I don't know if it's representative of the pay scale, but since I've lived in the Bay Area, I can tell you that half of your pay check could easily go to rent and/or buying a house. With the average price of a home being $500,000 or more, you need to take that into consideration. Or, if you're going to rent, you need to think about whether you want to split costs with a roommate, or commute for an hour or more, which is what a lot of people do there.

    While rents have fallen a little bit, they are still high and housing in general is outrageously expensive in the Bay Area. Those salaries don't begin to cover it, in many cases.

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  4. by   Kyriaka
    I would think a whole lot of this has to do with the cost of housing out that way. My brother lives in Aptos (outside of Santa Cruz).

    If you make 40K you would probably be in a little one bedroom apt.

    You can get an old 1970's trailer to live in for about $150,000.

    But I must say I love visiting. The weather is so fantastic. I am used to 90 degrees with 99% humidity in the summer. At least out there you can actually eat outside without fire ants, mosq, and nats on your food.
  5. by   hopefully
    that is a county job...they pay a lot more than other places.