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Hey! I just wanted to know if there is anyone else applying to Sacramento State's ASBSN program. I'm just waiting on my Fall 2007 grades before I get my application in. I'm pretty nervous! I just... Read More

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    Quote from hermosa
    Wow, I'm glad my friend told me about this thread!! I'm in the ABSN Summer 2008 program also. I'm waiting to hear from USD's MSN program also but I think that I will end up attending Sac State nonetheless. I have lots of questions... I hope you are all still hanging on this thread..

    To those of you already in the program - what type of hand-held electronic devices are you using in clinicals - i.e. PDA's, Treos, iPhones, smart phones, etc. Are you using your own or do the hospitals provide PDA's for the drugs?

    Also, what is the situation with books? My friends in the nursing program at CSU East Bay Concord said that the nursing program there worked with the publisher and all the professors to coordinate the books that are used in the program so that there is no redundancy in ordering books. All the students order all their books as a package at the beginning of the program and all the professors use all the books in all the classes. There are no unused or unnecessary books. Also, because they are bundled, the publisher puts them all on CD for you and you can download ALL the books onto your laptop and therefore don't have to tote all your books around. Does CSUS nursing program do anything like that?

    How dependent are you guys on your laptops for studying? I've got a pretty good HP but it's somewhat heavy. I'm thinking of investing in one of the new MAC Air. Do you think it's worth the investment?

    Where do you do most of your studying? Home? School? ...on the run? are you on campus much? I know that you are involved in studying 24/7 but do you have any days set aside for just study - i.e. no scheduled classes, labs or clinicals? do you ever get two days in a row off? Also, my brother is getting married down in the Bay Area the 3rd weekend of the program. Do you think I am going to be able to get away for it or do you think I have to tell my family that they are going to have to get a cardboard cutout of me for the family photo?

    I'm getting the same answer as you guys regarding financial aid. I'm very confused though. I also applied to CSUEB and was accepted into Samuel Merrit's ABSN program and both of them gave me a financial aid package that included both subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans. I brought that up to the FA counselor at Sac State and they gave me some bogus answer. I feel like I still have not gotten down to the bottom of this. I don't understand why a private school and another CSU is able to give me financial aid but CSUS isn't.

    How is parking at CSUS? I'm thinking of trying to find a place to live somewhere along the path of the free shuttle. How is that system? Is it worth planning to live along it or is it a mess?

    For those of you in the 2008 program - would you be interested in starting a Yahoo group? I started one for the Samuel Merritt ABSN program once I got accepted and pretty much the whole class joined up. it worked well and lots of people started to form carpools, roommates, started asking questions, taking polls etc.... If you are interested, I can set one up.... just send me your email addy....

    That's all for now. Congrats to all of you on getting accepted. Can't wait to meet you all!!!

    Hey Kurt,

    Congrats on being accepted to both CSUS & Sam Merritt! I think your idea of starting a Yahoo Group is great. Here's my e-mail:

    I'm also looking for a place to stay that's close to campus--10 min or less commute hopefully. :P

    In regards to fin aid, I think you should just go through the process of filing an appeal since I don't think there's any other way around it :zzzzz. I agree that it really doesn't make much sense why we are automatically ineligible for financial aid. When I was a post-bac (2nd bac) at SFSU, another public univ, I received a grant+loans! Anyways, I already filed my appeal and hopefully I'll get those fed loans!
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    Hey everyone,

    If you are in the ABSN Summer 2008 program, I've created a Yahoo group at

    to further the discussions....

  3. by   biltz
    Hey everyone,

    I just created a Yahoo group so that we can continue the discussions. I've asked the program administration to forward the link to everyone in the program so hopefully everyone will be joining.
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    Quote from kitsune01
    I applied to OHSU in Portland and UCDHS in Denver. Both are accelerated programs, although UCDHS says they may offer some people who asked for the accelerated program spots in the regular 2 year program instead.

    I live on the peninsula, but I had to go to the info session because I needed to get some questions about prereqs answered right away so I could sign up for classes that started the next week.

    I walked in the middle of the discussion of cost, and I can't find where I wrote down the numbers. I just remember that it's grad school tuition, like they said in the admit letter, which is about 4K a year I think. I don't remember what the other expenses were.

    It was just an information session in some kind of student academic center, no tour or anything. If I have time (probably won't) I was thinking of asking if I could come and see the nursing school facilities and sit in on a class or something.
    Aye, but just be happy you get to do it in 14 months rather than 2 1/2 gruling long years like me.
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    Quote from megamiepona
    Kitsune -
    I never really looked into any out of state absn programs, so I'm not familiar with those two programs. Its good that Portland has no sales tax though. :P I'm also planning on asking the coordinator if I can tour the campus.

    JakeyWakey - Congrats! Now you can finally relax. Is Sac your first choice?

    Wendy - Thanks for offering to answer our questions. I have a bunch of questions for you! How did you like Sac's BSN program and how long ago did you go through the program? Can you tell us the structure of your program including where and when you completed clinical rotations? Did you like the faculty and preceptors? What was the estimated cost of the other expenses? Thanks again for offering your help. I wish they provided more information to us, but I guess we'll just have to wait til the new student orientation.
    Feel free to ask me as well, I will graduate a few months before you guys will next spring. I'm not sure how long ago wendy graduated, things change quickly at Sac State.
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    Quote from kitsune01
    Yeah, I wouldn't expect to know any schedule details or anything, I just with they'd sent some more basic information with the admit letter. I downloaded the student handbook, which has some helpful information. It's just that they seem to give a bit less info than some other schools I looked at. It does seem to be a good program though.

    One more question - how did you feel about sac state's pharmacology class? I've heard that some schools teach it better than others. I'm definitely going to start studying pharm ahead of time but I'm wondering how much I need to worry.

    I also noticed they don't have a separate pathophysiology class like some programs do. Did you feel like that was an issue? I have a bio degree and feel good about anatomy and micro, but not as confident about some systems in physiology.

    Thanks again for all your help
    Pharms tests are internet and pda, open notes= A+