Anyone working at HOAG Newport Beach

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if any of you out there works at HOAG hospital.
    I live in HB and will be done with nursing shool in December (keeping my fingers crossed!!! :roll ).I'm thinking about applying there...but some people have told me that they are very hard on their nurses, that they work you to death and that they even "make" you stay at work when sick...
    I was really dissapointed to hear this since the hospital does have a great reputation as a hospital...
    anyone know anything???
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  3. by   LadyNASDAQ
    My Travel Nurse buddies love that hospital and I understand that the working conditions are ideal. That said, I would think that many are trying to keep you out of there because it may be so ideal that they want to get in. I have heard of these tactics many times especially with the higher paying hospitals in N Calif.
  4. by   beckybn2
    I say it is an ideal place for patients but I would never work there. It is way too crazy. Your friends also forgot to tell you that they are also discriminated.
  5. by   cmp715
    rgntna2usa... check your pm inbox
  6. by   Haunted
    I worked the float pool and Total Joint/Ortho thru registry for many years. The staffers are all blond, beautiful and sort of cliquey. The units I worked all had overworked nurses and some conflict with the Docs. The CNA's were all top notch and the computer charting a breeze. The cafeteria was great, lot's of healthy selections and the beach location was convenient for me (Irvine).

    The do require the RN's to wear either blue or white scrubs, no big deal, parking was pretty reasonable and they seemed pretty good about education and in service. They also have what I consider state of the art telemetry set ups, they are super easy to apply, disposable, use blue tooth technology and reduce germs, artifact and the patient can actually shower with it in place.

    Do expect to do a LOT of walking , the facility is huge and spread out, always undergoing renovation. I would say take a tour of the entire facility before you wheel and deal with them, make sure they put in writing the least amount of time they provide orientation, often they "throw you to the wolves" after 2 or 3 shifts. I would also say the patient demographics are pretty specific. You get a lot of spoiled, older patients who ride the call lite quite a bit.
  7. by   ekkis
    :spin:Hi. I currently work at Hoag. I have been there since graduating from Nursing School in 2004. I started in CCU and now work in PACU. I love Hoag. Their new grad program is the bomb. I feel like I work with a great group of professionals. Everyone treats each other with a great deal of respect and that is passed on to the patients, as well. Everyone has a great deal of pride in their work. My concerns are always taken seriously. I have access to top management any time I want. I am treated very fairly. My department now is absolutely the best. The doctors are tops. The RN/patient ratio in CCU is always 1:1 or 2:1 - never, ever more. In recovery, it's the same. I'm pretty much a spit-fire. If anyone ever told me to stay when I was sick, I'd quit and tell everyone off before I did. I've always felt pretty well taken care of at Hoag. I'd be happy to answer any questions.