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So April 15th has come and gone. Now we sit and wait. I know that letters won't start coming out until June, right? I will admit that I'm nervous - I worry about my GPA not being good enough... Read More

  1. by   4lotus8
    Yeah those who get accepted will get phone calls as well. I asked those students which one they got first (letter or call), but they couldn't remember. But when I turned in my official transcript last month, the lady at the front desk told me that they call first before notification letter is sent out.

    But with all this budget cut and all that, who knows if they'll even call anymore? Either way, I'm on stand-by by phone, email, AND snail mail!!
  2. by   ams422
    well...dont want to freak everyone out friend just got her call from the school of nursing saying she was accepted. soo be prepared! now im literally checking my phone every 2 seconds. haha. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! and dont freak out if you dont get a call today..they may be doing it in shifts or something. =)
  3. by   chickadee77
    oh wow! ams422 just made my stomach sink into the pits of muck... when i read your post, i immediately got a reality check.. it's that time ladies and good luck to you all!
    i feel like i am ready for anything (denial or acceptance) and that there is always plan b. i know i'll be a nurse whether or not i get into the fall at state. but gosh.... i worked sooooo freakin hard.
    *calming down*
    my friend who applied with me used the old criteria and she has a 4.0 gpa and 74 out of 77 points. she should get in, but she hasn't recieved a call yet. i wish my points were that high. and let me tell you.. (it's not even close).
    i'm babbling.. sorry. it's just my nerves.
  4. by   ams422
    i know! i felt sick when my friend sent me the text telling me she got her phone call! i mean of course im ecstatic that she got in...just nervous for myself! they may be doing it alphabetically or some other strange random method. who knows! her last name begins with H so shes at the beginning of the allll the way at the end! =/ i seriously cannot distract myself...going crazy. again...good luck to everyone. we'll all be awesome nurses no matter what!!!!
  5. by   ams422
    oh and nothin in the mail today and my friend who got in didnt get a letter. so i guess just be bracing yourselves for a phone call...apparently thats what comes first! ahhhh!
  6. by   4lotus8
    Oh my God...Oh my God. *Officially freaking out* Good luck everyone!! And please, if you know people getting calls or anything keep us posted cuz I'm checking this forum as frequently as I'm checking my phone!!
  7. by   chickadee77
    Well at least we won't be stalking the mailman for now.. Maybe they do it by highest points to the very last on their list... Did she have high criteria points?
  8. by   ams422
    okay...another friend got in. her last name starts with a C...and she was called after my friend whos last name starts with i guess its not ABC order. lol. and not points either...the friend who got called second had like 76 points i think, and the one who was called first had 74 points i think. ahhhhh! im freakkkkking out.
  9. by   chickadee77
    Like I said!! My points aren't even in that range.. BOOO!..
    Thank you for keeping us all updated.. You should get in with those kind of points.. Good LUCK!
  10. by   chickadee77
    so i just talked to my friend and she said that they haven't called her yet. she will keep me posted.
    last year my classmate didn't get a phone call ... she had announced that she recieved a letter. her and her friend both found out by the mail. no phone call... so i'm just saying that maybe some get calls and some get letters. don't be discouraged if you don't recieve a call right away.. *keeping positive*
  11. by   LVD619
    Hello everyone, I have been following your guys' post because I am also biting my nails and waiting for a reply. I was so nosy that I called the school of nursing and heard the undergraduate coordinator's message saying that she left early at 3pm and will be resuming her phone calls at 8am. So, I wish you all luck and I am glad to see my misery has some company =).
  12. by   nondelicacy
    LVD619, we are all in this together! Best of luck to everyone =)
  13. by   nondelicacy
    ok, so I talked to a couple of my friends and they also found out that they got accepted into the program via phone call. One of them said that they will be distributing phone call throughout the week and they do it alphabetically. My friends who got in has last names that starts with C and F.