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Hi, I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until... Read More

  1. by   Marykdarling
    Hey girls (I'm assuming!!) Someone asked me for my stats, and I posed it before, but I'll post it again.

    3.8 GPA overall, 3.25 in the sciences if we count Chemistry, 70 on the TEAS (OUUUCCHH). 5 years of 911 experience on an ambulance as an EMT, letter of recommendation from A&P Professor & Boss at work. Currently 5 classes in progress -- this may hurt me as well.

    From what I understand, they have the full 60 spots open in the spring. It is only in the fall they have very limited seating because priority goes to the transfer students. That's why an SMU counselor told me to apply in the spring, even though I had so many classes in progress, since there are so many spots open.

    Nov 4th -- has anyone heard anything?? I never received the first e-mail, but I called SMU & they said they did receive my application and it was under review.

    Hope that helps!!

    EDIT: Someone else asked how much they weigh the TEAS/GPA.. From what I understand, they take so many factors into consideration, so just because you may have one poor area does not mean they won't accept you. They are truly looking for well rounded students.
  2. by   Rachelynn
    6o spots? Before they accept the partners school applicants but I wa told only about 20 for transfers. If more tho then great! Haven't heard anything yet
  3. by   Marykdarling
    I was told students only transfer in the fall, not the spring. Did I misunderstand? :-/
  4. by   Rachelynn
    Some do transfer in spring but not as many so there are more spots for us, but not the full 60.
  5. by   hlr7
    Has anyone heard anything? I'm dying over here!

    Question, if you get accepted, how do you plan on paying for the tuition? I'm not really familiar with financial aid and how it works, so any advice and tips would be much appreciated!
  6. by   Rachelynn
    Haven't heard and I'm gonna have to get loans :/
  7. by   sperry
    Nothing yet and I will be getting student loans! Hopefully we hear something very soon.
  8. by   Marykdarling
    You mean you guys don't have an extra 60k around the house?? Haha... Most of us will need financial aid. I wonder when we are going to find out!!
  9. by   saka
    Yea i am really stressed out as well, i hope they send out letter within this week. I got financial aid for 2 years in community college but that wouldn't be enough, maximum you can get 5,500 per year. So i am gonna have to apply for student loans as well but i don't have a clue about the process. @hlr7 its very easy to apply for financial aid, just go to and apply for financial aid, deadline is march 2. You can find more enough on their website but the process is very simple. Hope that helps
  10. by   Rachelynn
    Anyone hear yet?
  11. by   saka
    Nothing yet
  12. by   Rachelynn
    We should be hearing this week.. It's almost mid nov!
  13. by   Marykdarling
    ***UPDATE**** I just talked to a counselor today. She said that the decisions for the students who are transferring in from the sister schools is being finalized this week. As for the rest of us transfer students, expect to know sometime by the end of this week/beginning of next week. It sounds like they take care of the sister school transfers first, since they have priority, and then will focus on our applications.

    So lets keep checking our e-mails periodically!

    Also, she said that you would have only received an e-mail that your application was submitted if there was some kind of error. Normally they do not submit e-mails just to say that they have your application, so if anyone else is in the same boat as me, I wanted to just let you know that's A-Ok!!

    Hope this helps some of you!! We should know soon! I know we are all SO nervous!!!!!!!!!