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Hi, I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until... Read More

  1. by   Rachelynn
    Yea got that email as well but Im thinking it may even be the first week cause on other threads of previous applicants they found out like November 2. So who knows!
  2. by   blacksheep45
    Hey Rachelynn,

    I think you're a strong candidate; your TEAS score is pretty good and I think the essay is important.. so if you think you did well on it then it sounds like you're competitive. I've talked to an admission counselor a couple of times and she seems very stern on the fact that letters will be sent out the first week of November.. unlike USF which seems to send out letter of acceptance/denial over a very long time that almost always fluctuates each semester.

    But anyway.. different discussion.. I've applied to USF, SMU, SJSU, and Gonzaga in Washington.. I'm so torn between all of them. I don't know where I'm gunna go if I get accepted to them. Between USF and SMU they're in the same price range but SMU is 2 years and USF seems to be between 3-3.5 years... which is reallllllly long and expensive. SJSU is 3 years and a bit cheaper but I've lived in the south bay my whole life and wanna get out... Gonzaga is 2 years, cheaper than SMU, but I feel like it's gunna be impossible to get a job from out of state if I wanna come back to Cali..

    What do you guys think?? haha I just need advice! I'll accept any input!
  3. by   Rachelynn
    I guess it depends on what is most important to you.. Time or money? If you want to end up living here and getting a job relatively fast in the bay area going out of state probably isn't the best option. That's just my opinion. Good luck
  4. by   Rachelynn
    How many letters of recommendation did everyone submit? I submitted just one because that's what they asked for but I'm sure having 2 or 3 would have been good. I'm a little nervous about my letter because I got it from my instructor for the CNA course I took. Although she is a nurse practitioner , the course was only 8 weeks so I didn't know her very long. Tell me about your letters and let me know what you think !
  5. by   Marykdarling
    Hey ladies. I called SMU and they said they received my application, but I never got an e-mail - I wonder why.

    I sent two letters of recommendation, one from my Anatomy & Physiology professor (I had him for both semesters) and one from my boss. (I work for a private, 911 ambulance company as an EMT).

    It sounds like SMU would be lucky to have ANY of you ladies! It sounds like everyone here is very motivated and would make an awesome nurse... Good luck and let's keep each other update!
  6. by   Rachelynn
    Thanks Marykdarling! What is your pre req GPA an teas score if you dont mind me asking?
  7. by   saka
    Hi everyone! Little late to the post but i have also applied for the spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt. My overall GPA is 3.6, Science GPA is 3.2 and TEAS score of 84.7. That was my first attempt and decided to take it once only. I currently have one class in progress which i will finish by Dec 14. Currently, i am enrolled in a medical assistant program and my MA professor wrote me a reference letter. I also tutor kids as a volunteer and had another reference letter from there. I am really anxious because of the wait and i hope they will let us know before Nov 30 because that way we can still apply to all the CSU's. Does anyone if the selection is based more on GPA or the reference letters and the essays?
  8. by   Rachelynn
    Wow I'm starting to get nervous now that I know all of you guys have applied and your all really good candidates. Does anyone know about how many transfer applications there are that they are choosing from? Not counting ones that don't have the minimum requirements. I heard from a counselor that there are around 20 spots for transfers in the spring so I'm just wondering what that 20 is out of.. 60? 100? 200? Let me know if you have any idea!
  9. by   Rachelynn
    I was told we would hear the second week of November! You sound like a great candidate I would be worried
  10. by   Rachelynn
    wouldnt * woops!!
  11. by   saka
    Only 20? That made me even more nervous But i don't think they have a lot of students that applied because they were accepting applications 2 weeks after deadline. If they had enough students they would have probably stop accepting apps (that's what i am guessing). On their website it says that they accept more student for spring compared to fall and if you see the statistics on their website, they accepted 64 students for fall 2011. And it also says that generally they have 60 seats but i actually have no clue how many of those are for transfer students from other community college.
  12. by   saka
    I think you have pretty good GPA as well Rachelynn, I don't think you should worry but then again that's easy said then done I am more anxious abut the wait actually. Hope we hear back soon.
  13. by   Rachelynn
    Sorry if I scared you !! I am not sure if those statistics online were of every applicant or just transfers. Does anyone know? I sure hope more than 20 transfers get in because I'm guessing there are at least 100 transfer applicants. At least.