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Hi everyone, I just joined this website and think it is wonderful. I just signed up for the LVN program at Pacific College in Costa Mesa. The class starts at the end of March. Are there any... Read More

  1. by   tonyarbravo
    Ok. So, I have read all of the most recent posts (ones posted within the last several months) and this is my conclusion. I have read the same things here that I have heard or read about on other forums concerning all schools. Period. No matter the program, there is always more dissatisfied students than the opposite. Reason being: Scool is hard. Choose a school, bust your butt, and do what you gotta do ANYWHERE you go and you should be fine. Believe it or not, schools want more students because they do want to make money. Why is that a shocker? SO they do their part in efforts to gain more students. Take care and good luck.
  2. by   DonnaBrownis29
    I loved where I went. Yes it was hard, yes it was challenging but they gave me a sense of can do and a sense of accomplishment. I did not get that at pacific.
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  3. by   chicsurfs
    Quote from IcantThinkofaName

    the teachers are awesome, if youre lucky.
    I AGREE if your "lucky".. meaning to get a good instructor!
    The one I got RUINED my entire experience, she was DRAMA!
    So, I'm assuming you must not have gotten her. I myself, and others dropped just
    because of her! What a nightmare this school was for me!
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  4. by   chicsurfs
    Quote from sunedays
    Pacific College is great. Ask recent grads. Ask the hundreds that have passed the NCLEX.
    Quote from DonnaBrownis29
    I sent 2 friends there and they had a horrid experience. I did not, however, I cannot and would not recommend this place any longer. What happened to my 2 friends whousl not happen to anyone.
    I agree, I would NEVER recommend this school to anyone after what happened to me regarding one instructor .
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  5. by   jasmine93003
    are the tests multiple choice or what>? and what about the anatomy and physiology section? is it intense>? like memorizing the wholeeeeeee bones and pieces of the body???
  6. by   tonyarbravo
    I have four weeks left until I will be done (hopefully. I mean I do have to pass the exit exam..but I feel confident :]) I think the school itself is great. I feel as though the cirriculum is good enough. The school does have a high pass rate and that has to count for something. The owner of the school is a wonderful man who has accomodated me more than he had to. However, the only term I have truly enjoyed has been my second term. Because the instructor was thorough in providing me information and education and actually seemed to be there for our benefit. My first term instructor and third and fourth were not so professional and actually, a bit too emotional. My final instructor (I had 3rd and 4th term) has lacked leadership skills to say the VERY LEAST and it has made it stressful. There are some really amazing instructors at this school I have had the benefit of having for clinicals. The problem has been, for me, finding a good theory instructor consistently (and for me, theory is a HUGE part of my experience since this is the way I have to learn first; some people are more hands on learners). This is what I think. If you are the type of individual whose personality makes room to shrug off nonsensical comments and attitudes, and can handle it without it affecting you emotionally, the school itself is good. The key is your instructors. They can make it a pleasurable experience or make you wonder why you are going into nursing at all (and yes, sometimes I wonder this). Its kind of hard to focus when everyone is getting yelled at (at random moments for silly things..things that have nothing to do with nursing at all). But from talking with other students, there are alot of good instructors; just a few bad apples that are REALLY bad and emotional wrecks. However, part of nursing is dealing with ALL types of personalities. This is clearly where I am gaining experience with that, too. So, good luck and I am sure you will not regret your decision either way. WOuld I recommend Pacific College? Yes. But I would caution them about a handful (maybe three or four) of instructors to be warry of ...granted, out of alot of instructors.