Anybody else waiting on USF's (San Francisco) Acceptance letter for Spring 2012 (BSN) - page 2

Hello! Since December is almost here I know that acceptance letters should be in the mail soon! I was wondering if anybody else is waiting on USF's letter for Spring 2011? I'm a transfer from a... Read More

  1. by   gsape001
    Kat156, are you a freshman applicant? If not, what degree did you earn in the spring?

    I called the school this morning, they said that they will be sending out decisions in the next couple of weeks via US mail. She said the latest we would be hearing back would be in early January. I thought we were hearing back early to mid december but now it looks like mid-late december possibly January.. I guess we just have to be patient!
  2. by   gsape001
    Avil, im from socal, you???
  3. by   kha2
    got an email saying admission letting pools should be out already!! check your mailboxes!!!
  4. by   gsape001
    Do you mind copying and pasting the contents of the email?? I didnt get anything in an email from them
  5. by   kha2
    i actually emailed a counselor and they just said they were mailed out. so it wasn't a mass email. so anticipate news coming this weekend/monday. maybe later dates for those who live further from sf.
  6. by   gsape001
    thanks for the update!
  7. by   Avill
    Guys! I got in! Got my letter today! Wish you guys the best! But mine says its going to take me 8 semesters sooo idk who that goes exactly.

  8. by   gsape001
    congrats!!!! where do you live??? just wondering so I know when I can be expecting mine!
  9. by   Avill
    I'm from Hayward by the way, at a community college. Transfer student
  10. by   gsape001
    O, ok. I think earliest Ill receive anything will be monday. Im down in Socal
  11. by   gsape001
    congrats again! but 8 semesters??? thats 4 yrs! Did you finish all of your GE's?
  12. by   Avill
    Thank you guys!
    Yeah it's weird right?! All my prerequisites are done this semester. I think it may be a generic letter they send out because it said I will be getting further details. All I had left next semester is a history and other 3 other GE's.

    It says I'll start my clinicals in Spring 2013 and during the first two semesters do any prerqs I haven't finished as well as any GE's. My guess is that I'll do my GE's next semester and non-clinical nursing classes.
  13. by   kha2
    I am in as well Avill, future classmates?