Any thoughts on Point Loma Nazarene??

  1. I live in San Diego, and I am doing pre req's at Grossmont. Their waiting list is around 2 years, and SDSU has so many requirements, it makes my head spin! So Point Loma Nazarene is definately another option. I was wondering if any of you have attended there, or know anyone who has. I know it's private, and costs more, but I need to hurry! And it would be nice to have my BSN instead of my ADN. Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   Bonny619
    One word. Expensive!

    I would rather have no student loans and go to Grossmont, then do SDSU's RN to BSN step up program whem I have the money.
  4. by   prmenrs
    Pt. Loma has a reputation as a quality program. If you can afford it, it would be a terrific choice. jmho.
  5. by   katilynn
    i did the orientation and talked to the nursing adviser but decided not to apply. Mandatory spiritual advisement and on campus worship. You also have to sign a covenant about drinking, cussing, sex, watching explicit programs ect. Engaging in these activities are grounds for expulsion. I remember something about not getting married while attending school unless you did marriage consoling provided by the school first. I got an earful from a student who didn't like the idea of an atheist applying.

    If i was a devout Christian with pocket change i would have loved to go to that school. It's absolutely beautiful and has a great reputation.
  6. by   puresass
    i've heard great things about pt. loma, but i didn't apply for the same reasons that katilynn had... also, there's the price (but student loans are always an option) & the program is three years long. it's definitely a beautiful campus with a good reputation, so if you're set on getting through ASAP, go for it.
  7. by   Love Coronado
    Well... I am already married and have 2 kids, and I don't drink, so those things are not really a problem for me. I think I read on their website if you were over a certain age you were excused from some of the Chapel services. But that doesn't bother me really anyway. I am Catholic, but I enjoy other religions as well. I am glad to hear that they have a quality program. Thank you all so much.