Any RN-BSN programs starting in the Summer 2013?

  1. I graduate with an ADN-RN in June of next year and plan on getting a BSN as soon as possible. Is there a program that starts in the Summer of 2013? Fall 2013 is my last resort as it seems that the Cal States want general admission by November 30th and the RN-BSN bridge wants applications by March 30. Basically, I do not want to wait until the following year just to start the RN-BSN program. Any ideas guys? I'd love to go to a private university but I do not have the funds for that. I only have grants and financial aid affordable for a state-funded school.
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  3. by   justinpark09
    i don't think there are any nursing programs (csu) starting in summer 2013. for fall 2013, you should check with csu fullerton ( this is my fav. school for rn-bsn distance program)

    university application deadlines
    "fall 2013: the university application will be available online at october 1, 2012 - november 30, 2012. the application and application fee must be submitted no later than november 30, 2012

    school of nursing application deadlines
    [color=#2e3d47]the complete nursing application must be submitted by march 1, 2013[color=#2e3d47]. we encourage you to submit the application prior to the deadline. the school of nursing can be processing your application at the same time your university application is being processed by admissions and records. admission notifications will be sent after the application deadline once all applications have been processed.

    besides, csu chio, bakerfield offer rn-bsn [color=#2e3d47] online [color=#2e3d47]program (bakersfield only offers rn-bsn for rn living in bakersfiled area. im not sure about csu chico. please let me know if you find out.

    [color=#2e3d47]. i'm not sure csu san bernadino has rn-bsn online or not. i call csudh school of nursing, they do not take rn-bsn any more.

    [color=#2e3d47]alll of these schools are ccne accredited. california rn to bsn programs

    [color=#2e3d47]one more thing, prerequisite courses may be a lil different among those schools. some require nutrition, some do not. some requires statistic, some requires algebra. check . make sure you take the rite class before applying. [color=#2e3d47][font=lucidagrande]