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Any one going to Oklahoma University in San Diego and get clinical at SHARP. Does anyone go to Oklahoma University partner with UC San Diego for any nursing program. You will do your clinical at... Read More

  1. by   Faeriewand
    Quote from kimvymai
    hello everyone,

    is there anyone in the program right now. i just get accepted and will be going to the open house this wed 07/23. hoping to see anyone in the same program.

    hi avery, are you in any program yet. pm me whenever you have sometime.

    thanks everyone,

    [font="arial black"]kim!

    please post back here and let us know what the program is like i am so curious about it. i am not qualified to go but live in the area. i do know some people who were turned away from the program so i wonder what the criteria is to get in.
  2. by   kimvymai
    Ok, for sure. It would be nice if I can ask someone some info about the program. Anyway, just have to way to see.

  3. by   amarra
    Hello there--I am going to the same open house tomorrow

    I was accepted to Azusa Pacific's similar program as well, but this one started a lot sooner. I am hoping it was a good decision--things seem a bit hurried/last minute, but overall I've heard good things.

    Look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

  4. by   kimvymai
    Hi amarra,


    It's really good to know. I'll see you there tomorrow. My name is Kim Nguyen.

    Do you know anyone in this program already? I am hoping I've made the right decision too.