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Hello! I am a senior nursing student from Kansas City and graduate in May. I would love to move to California following graduation but don't know how to go about looking for jobs. Anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   KCstudent
    thank you so much! i found so much encouragement in your message and i am very exciting. i'm still scared to death, but i know if i plan well and really want to make the move, i can do it. now, i just need to look for a job and focus on graduation. i think a teaching hospital would be a wonderful place for me...i love to learn and know that there is so much for me to learn as a new grad. thanks again!!
  2. by   luilui_604

    it's been a while since i logged onto this site ....I just moved to SF city a little over four months ago from Canada as a new grad with 8 months prior experience in med/ far, my experience to live and work in this city has only been the best! As the other poster mentioned, i found to be a fantastic website, which i used to find my studio apartment that is just 3 blocks away from the hospital that i work at! it literally takes me 3-4 minutes to walk to work

    as a nursing student 2 years ago, i made a personal visit to SF and fell in love with the city....i knew i wanted to find a job there after i graduated. during my visit, i was proactive in calling different hospitals in order to talk to nurse recruiters. the recruiter from California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC, a Sutter Affiliate) was incredibly nice and helfpul, she even gave me a tour of the hospital and spent 1 hour answering all my questions! to make a long story short, i am now a proud L&D nurse working for CPMC.....the staff is amazing, friendly and very supportive to our learning. I couldn't have made a better choice to move to SF and work for this hospital. my hourly wage as a new grad nurse is $39/hr on days. i wish you success in finding the job that you want in SF!
  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    Liuliu,welcome to SF. I have been here 20 years and still love it! This is a great city for nursing. Lots of hospitals and clinics in the area and all are hiring. The diversity of jobs available is staggering. The competition for nurses has made this one of the highest pay areas in the country. Be sure to check out North Beach. Great food and hangouts all over.