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Hello Mam/Sir,

i'm a foreign BSN Graduate last 2014 in the Philippines and i already based in California.

is still difficult to apply NCLEX-RN in California??

i need your help guys any kababayan :'(

not registered nurse in the Philippines

thank you

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1. You don't apply for the NCLEX. You apply for a nursing license by examination. You must have a valid social security number or your application will be rejected and you forfeit all fees.

2. Start here:

You follow the instructions:

Licensure by Examination

There are dozens of threads in the nurse registration forum of the world nursing section. If all of your clinical practice and clinical cases were done concurrent with theory you have a good chance of being eligible to register and attempt the NCLEX-RN.

These are the courses required in addition to nursing clinical and theory in all mandated areas: Important Information

Application info here:

Licensure by Examination

Important info for IENs here:

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