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I have a question, I took the NCLEX on May 16th, and I passed. As of June 23, 2008, my name appears on the CA nursing website for LVNs with my nursing license number, IV cert, and expiration date....But I have YET to receive my actual license and I cant get in touch with the nursing board, every time I call them it is a busy signal and they havent returned my emails.

I mailed them a check around mid June, and here it is August 12, what has happened to my license????

I recently got hired as a LVN and it would be nice to have my nursing card in my hand.

Anyone else have this happen to them?????

suzanne4, RN

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The licenses are actually printed out of state, looks like yours may have gotten lost in the mail.

Just send them an e-mail that you are requesting the one that you never received, or leave them a message.

The verification on line is all that your employer needs to see. They can also call the Bureau as well. (It is now a Bureau under the Dept of Consumer Affairs that handles the LVN licenses for CA.)


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Thank you, that sheds some light.

Now I tried calling the nursing board, but all I got was a busy signal for the last 10 times I called. Is there more than 1 number for the board?? And I also emailed them literally every day for the last 3 weeks and I still havent heard.


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well everytime i got hold of california LVN board, either i called them early morning between 8-9am or the last time i contact them via email and i emailed around 3pm and i received back my response within an hour....and obivously i was shocked because these days i dont expect anythin from them and i think they ve only one number to contact them.....

Even if u contact them to get a copy of your license , am pretty sure they gonna make you fill out some kinda i think you should check out their website and there gotta be a some kinda replacement form they gonna tell you to fill out and send either by fax or mail.


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i passed on the mail august 5, but until now my name doesnt appear on the website. how long did it take for your name to appear on the website after ur check was cashed.

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