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How would I be able to work in NH as a LPN I dont understand the process...also I was told that any LPN/LVN from TX CA and NY can work anywhere with their license unlike other states. So far I dont see a difference... What am I supposed to do? Iheard that I need a compact license but again the BVNPT website is vague...I also want to work in MA is it possible to have NH CA and MA valid at the same time??

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You can have as many licenses as you can afford to maintain. CA LVN is only valid in CA or federal facilities. Unless you did an alternate method (equivalent education or experience ) to earn your LVN and did not graduate from a school of vocational nursing you should be able to endorse to other states. The other 49 states require candidates to be a graduate of nursing school to be eligible for a LPN license by endorsement.

NY LPN license only valid for work in NY state or federal facility.

If you move to NH, a compact state, and declare residency you can apply for an LPN license by endorsement with multi state compact privileges.


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How would I go about doing that? I've emailed and called my board they're taking forever to get back to me


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Contact the Board in NH and commence from that end. Do you have an address in NH to use for your application?