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California licensure through endorsement (international nurse)

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I keep trying to reach them over the phone but so far no luck, they're always busy. So I'll ask here...

I got my original license in OR then endorsed to WA where I've been working for 5 years. I want to move to CA and was checking out their endorsement requirements. Their instructions seem a bit complicated and vague in that they demand all kind of school-related documents yet they say they will accept CGFNS transcripts. I have completed CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service which I used to get licenses in both OR and WA states. So I wonder, if CGFNS CES copy sufficient for CA BON or are they a lot more picky than other states?

Anybody endorsed their license? How was your experience?

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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I'm certainly no expert but here's my take on this... California might accept your transcripts as they are for evaluation, but they very well could request a specific evaluation due to their specific licensing requirements. They also may require that the transcripts be sent directly from CGFNS instead of receiving a copy from you due to the possibility of fraud. I do know they'll want to be certain that your transcripts show that your educational program matches what California requires for nurse education. In particular, they'll want to see that you've had concurrent theory and clinical components. Even though you're looking to endorse your license into California, you'll have to meet the exact same standards as someone going for their initial license.

Hopefully they'll respond (eventually) to your request (if by email) or perhaps you'll get lucky and get through on the phone.

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CABRN does not accept CGFNS. They do their own evaluation and have the same requirements for endorsement as they do for initial licensure. Concurrent clinical & theory including cases is mandatory. Cases completed in the following semester or post graduation are cause for rejection. CABRN requires your transcripts, clinical logs, case documentation (delivery assist etc) to be sent directly to CABRN. Often they require a copy of your passport & stamps to prove you were present in country for your education.

The fact that you passed the NCLEX and have been licensed in two other states and worked for 5 years means nothing to the CABRN if you don't meet their requirements

Just a couple more questions.....are you a US or dual citizen? What year did you graduate in?

Just know if you do apply and get denied, there's no refund of any application fees.

CA is only picky in that it has been receiving known falsified documentation that can be easily purchased in the streets of certain PH locations, thus the additional need for having one's presented application placed under the microscope.

You can thank the other greedy PH "nurses" for cheating their way into becoming a "nurse", but in my eyes, they are simply crooks and scammers and who knows what they do within their jobs and their personal lives, I'm guessing the same.

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