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California license to Vermont back to Ca

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Hi! I Hope someone out there can help me. I am currently living in the UK. 8 years ago i registered with California BON and took the NCLEX and passed but few years down the line I heard that California was not renewing licenses without SSN so I applied for Vermont. Now, I hold a Vermont license but my lawyer just got me a job in California.

These are my concerns/ questions:

1. How and What are the steps I need to do to start the endorsement process from vermont to California.

2. Without SSN, would I be able to appply for endorsement?

3. Would I need to take the course that Ca requires for foreign Nurses even if Ca has accepted mt application and my credentials when I first took the NCLEX?

Thank you in advance for the advise.

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VT is now requiring SSN for application and renewal. CA requires a SSN for endorsement just like they do for initial licensing. If it's been more than 3 years they will likely do a full credential & educational assessment as part of the endorsement process.

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With the job offer fuse already lit and assuming the new CA employer will give you a reasonable amount of time (a couple of months or just a bit more maybe) to get the endorsement process rolling and to obtain the license in hand, your best bet is to apply with the endorsement application as soon as possible.

However, as already mentioned, without providing the CA BRN endorsement with a valid work authorized SS#, be prepared that the application will be denied without further notice, until such a SS# is presented in your paperwork.

You'll be given a three (3) year time frame from the application date to complete the entire requirements, whether it be re-taking of certain deficient courses or the proof of the SS# or any other items the CA BRN wants to see or be done during this time.

If you're willing to take the gamble of losing the application fees, then go for it, just know what you're up against. Simply go to the CA RN website and you'll find the downloadable PDF forms to fill out under the "endorsement" tab.

Again, on the forms, it clearly states that without providing a SS#, the application will be turned down and any application fees are not refundable.

Even if you're able to get the CA license endorsed with success without the valid SS#, how will you go about giving the CA employer a copy of that SS#? No legit US employer can hire anyone without the proper SS# and if they run the numbers against the E-verify system, they will find out it's not valid for work.

This is also true for the other 49 states of the need to prove a copy of the valid working SS# and not the SS# given if you just need to opening a bank account or to get a driver's license.

Is your attorney from the States or overseas and or even aware of you not having the SS#?

You mentioned that you're living in the UK now for the past 8 years, do you have at least that much in a paid working hospital experience, there's a possibility of getting a hospital sponsorship, if this applies to the both of you and obviously, the new place of employment is willing to pay for your entire costly expenses to get you such a sponsorship and they are willing to wait for an extended period of time to do so.

I'm not sure if the 8 years of actual hospital experience will suffice the requirements of a sponsorship but that's the problem of the sponsor to find out not yours. It just becomes your problem if the length of experience is short on the minimum required years.

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