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California license

Flight_RN Flight_RN (New) New

Hey guys. I'm curious for those of you who have a CA RN license...how long did it take you to get. I've submitted everything and also applied for a temporary license. I'm hoping to have at least the temp by end of December to start a January contract out there. Think it'll happen?

Try doing a search (or just start reading) for info. Every third thread has some comment about the time to licensure in California.

TREC96 specializes in new hire on L&D.

It was 7.5 weeks. I mailed my finger prints in and my application I submitted online. A couple of people have posted with quick turn a round times as well! Good luck

Wife and I submitted snail mail applications August 18th. Licenses posted October 25th. Out of state with fingerprint cards. That's without any hangups. The time frames posted on the BON website are accurate.

Any further questions on bay area, we are figuring it all out now...


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