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Looking for information from anyone who transferred from another state's program to California (Maximus) and received credit for the time they have already been in monitoring. I've been looking into this for a while and recently spoke to a California attorney who said that I would most likely be required to start my contract over completely, without credit for what I've already done. This would potentially entail another five-year contract.I'm currently halfway (2.5 years) through my five-year contract in Florida and will be eligible for transitional monitoring in January. The reason for my move to California concerns my family home that I inherited and want desperately to keep. This requires me to claim it as my primary residence per new property tax laws. Since I have a clear license in California already, it makes sense to transfer. However, not if I have to completely start over.My dilemma is whether to stick it out in Florida for the remaining 2.5 years and travel back and forth from California to Florida periodically. I can work per-diem or agency jobs in Florida—just enough to show compliance. It's expensive and complicated, and I'm having trouble finding straightforward answers.My original offense was a positive THC drug test, and my license has never been disciplined (I don't know if that helps my case or not).I'm willing to do whatever I have to in order to get through this and keep my house.

Check with the Board in California and send them all of your Florida stuff BEFORE you transfer and try to get an answer. Also, understand that many states still require you to finish their program requirements for the 5 years. For example, will Florida inactivate your license or can you let it expire or will they accept your California Drug tests, etc?

If you have to move then you have to move, but I recommend this for anyone in a monitoring program. Do everything in your power to stay out in that specific state because it gets overwhelmingly complicated NOT just related to the state you are moving to, but also for the state you are moving from and whether they still want you to meet their requirements for drug testing. Some states use Affinity, some use Recovery Trek, etc. I know nurses that are basically in 2 drug testing programs and check in daily with 2 different states because they moved.

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From CA BON FAQ:  I am transferring from another state's diversion program.


If you already have a California RN license, you may be able to transfer from another state's diversion program into BRN's Intervention Program. Prior to enrolling in BRN's Intervention Program, you should first confirm that your current state's diversion program allows transfers. When enrolling in BRN's Intervention Program, you will need to provide consent for each state's program to release information to each other. This will allow your respective clinical care teams to communicate with each other and coordinate your recovery plan.


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I've never heard of someone being monitored by 2 different states programs! That's crazy. 

My situation involves living primarily in California, but working intermittently in Florida. The problem arises because IPN states that if you live in a different state, have a license in that state, you have to be monitored in that state ( even though I'm not working in California). 

It's ridiculously complicated 😫.  

I know over 50 nurses I teach recovery to right now in online recovery support groups that are monitored in 2 states. Example

Nurse lives in Georgia. Is monitored GA. When the nurse got into trouble, she was licensed in Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee. Kentucky and Bama suspended her license. Tennessee did NOT suspend her license but put her on consent order/monitoring even though she lives in Atlanta.. Tennessee would not accept a quarterly report for her home state forbher drug tests, so she is monitored and basically in 2 programs. This happens ALL of the time and it's why if you want real complications and confusion, try to move from one state to another in the middle of a monitoring program.

The NON CORRUPT thing state boards should do?  The states you don't live in should accept your drug testing from the state you live in and that she be a quarterly report sent from your home state case manager. Why don't Boards commonly do this? Money....Corruption.

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