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I am interested in applying sometime this or next year and have my eyes on a few schools like Kaiser Fullerton CRNA program, SMU, Nationals, Loma Linda CRNA Programs. 

For those who have attended or are attending any of these schools, please feel free to share some of the pros/cons! 

Would also love to know what type of interview process is like as well (is it clinical vs emotional or both?) !



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The best advice we've heard from various program faculty we've worked with is "Start your interview prep now while working in the ICU-- the best way to do that is to ask 'why' whenever and however often you can!"

Also, be sure to grab our free interview prep guide here:

It has both clinical and EI prep questions ?

Cheering you on! You got this!

Ultimately, the pro's and con's come into play when you get into more than one. Apply to all of them, get admitted, and then if you're lucky enough to be able to choose between 2 or more, check back. 

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