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Is it harder to get the classes you want at CC? I talked to a nurse the other day and she said at chaffey she waited 2 and a half years to get into anatomy. I'm trying to get my prerequisites and GE done in the minimum amount of time. I may want to go to a cal state to do my prerequisites and GE then transfer to an adn program to avoid overcrowding and my time factor.ANY ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS?

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I did my prereqs at Goldenwest College. They had a policy that if you were on the waiting list for a class one semester then you were guaranteed a spot the next semester. For one class, I didn't want to wait a semester, so I showed up every class for two weeks until someone dropped the class.

My first semester of prereqs, I applied to three community colleges. I went to Goldenwest because I was able to get into the most classes there. After I did my prereqs, I went to CSUDH. The hardest semester to get in to prereqs is the first semester at the CC. The next semesters are easier because you have an earlier registration date. My suggestion is that you inquire at schools in your area. Don't just rely on word of mouth.


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I know people who have gotten into Chaffey on the first semester they attended there. You just have to be willing to sit in on the class until someone drops, and be willing to be flexible with your schedule. Like the PP said, don't just go by word of mouth, check it out for yourself, you may be surprised.


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I go to a community college and I haven't had any problems what so ever. I have already taken Physiology and am now taking Micro (summer) and will take Anatomy in the fall. My school gives different enrollment priority dates for different students. If you are a first time student at the college and no previous credits, it might be harder to get into classes. So far I haven't had any trouble. I enroll the second I can!

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