California bill mandates maternity coverage

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los angeles times, aug. 18, 2004

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california bill mandates maternity coveragea california bill that would stop healthcare firms from offering less-expensive individual insurance plans that lack pregnancy benefits has passed the senate and is headed for a vote in the assembly. the bill is the center of a battle that pits women's groups and consumer, labor and medical organizations against business and insurance lobbyists and is also splitting the healthcare industry.

los angeles times, aug. 18, 2004

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I'm torn on this one. I personally prefer that everyone pay the same amount for healthcare and everyone contributes, but that obviously won't happen. If we are paying based on criteria determining how much we will cost the insurance company, shouldn't I save something for having no intention of having kids? Personally, I think men and women should pay the same to include maternity coverage because in truth, it takes a man and a woman to get into that situation so why should women be paying the increased insurance costs alone?

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