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Hi all!

I'm contemplating an assignment in Cali. Silicon Valley area. My children and my mom travel with me. So of course I'm looking for bigger housing. My travel company says for a 4 bedroom house I'm looking at $2500/mo. Does this sound right to you guys? Also, any info on PAY RATES would be wonderful. Always important to get my research done first! Thanks! :thankya::thankya:

suzanne4, RN

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Apts are in that range for the area. 1 bedroom apts are about $1500 and up. That price seems on the low side to me for housing.

Pay can vary widely depending on the company and what they are paying for. As well as if med=surg or specialty and 36 hour week or 48 hour week? Drastic changes in salary when only 36 hours per week, it changes the pay structure.

Do you also have a tax home in another locale? If not, the housing is not going to be deductible for you and you would be better off with per diem work as far as getting more in pay.


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I am currently working in San Jose. The rent for our large 1/1 apartment (minus furniture and utilities) is $1700. Pay rates are not as high as they were a few years ago, but my base pay (remember most places do a blended rate in CA-base for first 8 hours, time-and-a-half for last 4 hours) is $37.50. Good luck!


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:no:I got a stipend of 4500 a month in CAL. They are selling you LOW girl. REALLY low!!!!

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