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:typingSo... the application for the nursing program at Calhoun keep changing. The more it changes the more confused I get!! I have a few Q's and hopefully those of you out there who are already attending can help me out...

- the web site says, math100 is a requirement for all new APPLICANTS, does this mean i have to complete math 100 before i apply? or just before i graduate. because it use to be math 116, then math 100 but before u can get certified, not before application can be submitted.

- Does anyone know about the new test that is going into place? my A&P teacher says now not only do they look at your points but you also have to be tested in. any way to study for this?

- who is the best teacher to take for micro?

- What is the difference between the CNA and RN programs? if i apply to cna, can i just pick up in RN where CNA left off?

any help aswering the questions would be wonderful!! i have just recently settled on nursing and now i am trying to get my "plan" on what needs to be done before i can apply. I FEEL SO SCATTER BRAINED!! but i am so so excited!! :yeah:


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