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Hello, I just searched through past posts trying to find an answer to my question, but was unable to. I was just curious if I will need a calculator for chemistry, A&P or any of the biology courses? I know that a basic calculator is all I need for NS but I wasn't sure about these courses. I have already taken College Algebra and we weren't allowed to use a calculator.




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We needed them in chemistry but just basic ones that had log functions so you could calculate pH and stuff

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I had the TI 84 for Chemistry. The calculator is a little on the expensive side, but it carried me through all my math classes and will carry me through Stats. in the fall. I liked it for Chem because you can go to TI's website and download programs for different subjects to the calculator. For chem I downloaded Science Tools and the periodic table. The programs cost between 7-10 dollars.

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We were required to have one in Chemistry but just basic. No need to purchase a graphing one or anything expensive. :)


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I used my $15.00 calculator for everything--even Stats (although some classes required a graphing one) and there were alot of buttons I never even got to :).

do you need to buy it now? Can you wait till you get your syllabi?


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I actually emailed the professor and asked her what books we will be using and what supplies we will need. Our bookstore isn't selling books for a couple more weeks so that will make it close to 2 weeks before school starts. This is my first semester at this school. My old school starting selling them early. The bookstore said they won't know until they receive the books which ones will will be using. When I emailed my English professor he emailed me back with the needed books and said that they do know what they are using.


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