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I am having difficulty answering the last part of this question. Can someone please help????

solu-medrol is ordered @ 10mg/kg over 30 minutes. Patient weighs 176lbs.

Available: 2 grams/100mL.

How many kgs does your patient weight?

How much Solu-Medrol will you give?

How fast will you set the pump @ in mL/hour?



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176lb/2.2 = 80kg

10mg per (80)kg = 800mg

There are 2000mg in 100mL, so there are 800mg in 40mL.

I would give 40mL over 30 min, which means the pump would be set at 80 mL/hour

Hope this helps :heartbeat

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solu-medrol is ordered @ 10mg/kg over 30 minutes. patient weighs 176lbs.

available: 2 grams/100ml.

how many kgs does your patient weight?

how much solu-medrol will you give?

how fast will you set the pump @ in ml/hour?

dose desired:
10 mg/kg over 30 minutes

dose on hand:
2 grams/100 ml

conversion factor:
1 kg = 2.2 pounds

conversion factor:
1 gram = 1000 mg

conversion factor:
60 minutes - 1 hour

you also need to know that iv pumps infuse at ml's/hour and so they need to be set at

by dimensional analysis. . .

patient's weight in kg. . .
176 pounds/1 x 1 kg/2.2 pounds
(conversion factor) =
80 kg

the dose of solu-medrol you will give. . .
10 mg/kg
(dose desired)
x 80 kg
(weight of child in kg)
/1 x 100 ml/2 grams
(dose on hand)
x 1 gram/1000 mg
(conversion factor)
40 ml

rate of the pump. . .
40 ml/30 minutes
(amount to give over time ordered)
x 60 minutes/1 hour
(conversion factor)
80 ml/hour


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I would like to say thank you, and remind you how greatly I appreciate the way you assist us on this forum.

Thanks again!!!!!

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