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Hi All,

Aside from medication dosage calculations.. what are the most useful formulas/calculations used by nurses on a routine/not so routine basis?

I want to brush up on my nursing math (because you can't always count on that monitor) before I start consolidation this year.



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if i were you, i'll try learning dimensional analysis, i.e. if you haven't done so, because studies have shown that this process increases the accuracy of any calculations particulary dosage calc. i get irk a lot when nursing students use the many step process when doing their dosage calculations. for me, this is prone to many errors. that's the reason i prefer one huge equation which ties all the pertinent information given to solve a particular problem. by doing so also helps in critical thinking and logic.


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MAP=sbp+2 (DBP)/3

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converting Celsius to Farenheit or vice versa

A lot of conversion tables are on facility computers for handy access


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There are several great books like "Math for Nurses" or "Doseage Calculations". Nursing math is not as hard as it seems. There are only a few formulas and once u got -'em-that's it. These two books go over all the different formulas u need. College algebra was more complicated than nursing math.

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n/h *ml


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MAP=sbp+2 (DBP)/3

be very careful, i don't mean to nitpick but writing the mathematical equation for mean arterial pressure (MAP) above

as MAP = sbp (systolic blood pressure) + 2 dbp (diastolic blood pressure)/3 is mathematically wrong.

it ought to be MAP = (SBP + 2 DBP)/3, which denotes that SBP is also divided by three and not just twice DBP.

and pls define all parameters so as not to be confusing.


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I am in pharmacology now. What does n/h stand for? Thanks!! Luv this website!!!!!:thankya:

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need over have times ml.



i use this all th etime!!

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