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Cabrillo College Waitlist


Anyone here on the Cabrillo ADN waitlist? Just wondering how long you've been on it, and how much longer you anticipate the wait to be?

Just wanted to wish you good luck. Hope you get in soon.

Just wanted to wish you good luck. Hope you get in soon.

Thank you!

I'm on another waitlist, and am probably going to be starting in January.

I remember you from the San Mateo thread.....What other waitlist are you on? Are you also on Cabrillo's list?

I've been keeping track of my # for Cabrillo:

#745 - around May 2009 when I first applied

#635 - October 2009

#456 - March 2010

it's dropping at a good rate but I know it will slow down once I get to the lower numbers =(

Bluerose! I'm 305 on the Cabrillo waitlist. I'm also on the Yuba waitlist, and I'm much closer to starting there.

Where do you live in the bay area? Maybe we can study together once we start. I sent you a friend request.

I live in San Jose, you? I didn't apply to Yuba, good luck with starting there..January isn't too far away I would LOVE to be able to start in January. I will probably wait for Cabrillo or San Mateo College and commute since I don't want to pay the extra money involved in getting my own place......I'll take you up on that studying offer if I ever get in!

Since you live in San Jose, you should apply to Evergreen. Their app period is in October.

I'm north of you, I live just outside of San Fran.

I don't qualify for Evergreen.....I don't have good grades, I took classes during a bad time in my life and didn't realize you couldn't retake them without penalty or even disqualification from applying. I wish I found out about Cabrillo sooner.

I am also on Palomar's waitlist at #328 but I doubt I will move away.

Cabrillo would be a long commute for you!

I used to be on Palomar's waitlist too! I could make it work at either Cabrillo or Yuba because I have family in the area I could stay with.

i applied june 07 at cabrillo.. will be starting Aug 11, FINALLY :D

good luck!