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OK, I had the old process down pat but now I feel like I don't know what to do with the new CAAS. Could any of you give me some feedback on how you complete the whole process of the annual, sig change, and admission assessments. Are you using the CAAS worksheets or something else? Do you have the care plans complete when you go to IDT or do you develop them after the meeting? My fellow MDS coordinator and I are having difficulty with the new process. Would appreciate any feedback.



Complete the MDS. Certain "care areas" (used to be called "resident assessment") are "triggered" based on MDS entries. Analyze each care area triggered (or holistically analyze all care areas triggered) by considering objective and subjective data that you may gather from wasting your brain completing the individual CAA worksheets OR considering other clinical guidelines. The entire IDT--including the physician--should consider what they already know, or what testing/data/information they might still need to gather, to state the findings as possible or actual client problems. This "thought process" is either written as a CAA summary (just like the RAP summary) or noted elsewhere in the medical record (and cross-referenced for location of information.) If you want to use the checklists, just like with the RAP questionnaires, you will have no brain power left to actually THINK how the parts of the puzzle fit together.

How could you have the care plan all written unless the client (or client representative) agrees with your analysis, "problem" definition, and believes that this is something he/she wants to fix, restore, or ignore?

Good luck! DO make it a "new" process--by allowing yourselves time to THINK and PROCESS and truly individualize a "problem" and care.