CA RNs---When/Where do you take your CE classes?

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I'm trying to take CE courses but unsure how because I will be working a 8-5 job M-F, and not sure how I fit in CE classses? Do I take work off for this?

I'm not even sure where to take these courses. I've looked at hospital's offerings but they are pricey since I am not an employee.

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there are many avenues to obtain CE's. I am going to a conference which offer CE's and food. they have them online, and check with your states Nurses association (i'm from NY, I've gotten plenty from their web site), then there is your association (i'm part of anna) and nursing journals (i have at least three CE articles mailed to my house via one journal) and last there is your boss (my boss places copies in the brake room with a note stating you can copy the article, complete and summit for CE). I'm sure there are even more avenues, good luck in obtaining your CE's

Specializes in Critical Care. offers some free CEUs. Also some hospitals have an agreement with Nurseweek and you can get many more CEU courses for free if that is the case. If you are a member of AACN, then their CEUs are free as well. Your hospital may also host some workshops or classes in which you can get free CEUS, and even maybe a meal. There are also many CEU articles in booklets that get mailed to my house and they're pretty cheap. But honestly, since I have AACN membership and do a lot of hospital sponsored classes/workshops, I have never had to pay for CEUs. There are many free or cheap opportunities out there.

I will soon work for a county job that's why I'm a little worried. I just always pictured CE classes as an actual classroom you have to attend, but it doesn't sound like that's the only route. Thanks.

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